35 Best Tamil Romantic Novels To Read

Today’s readers love to read Tamil Romantic Novels. If you look toward best-selling books, you will find out Romance Books on top of the list. It is amazing to see the romance genre graph is growing verticle. Romantic stories make you happy, cry hard and feel the pain of the characters.  Writing is not only about just writing. It’s a skill that makes the reader feel character himself.

We always share the best books with our readers. On this page, we are sharing the best list for Romantic Readers. We are sharing best-sellers as well as the latest best-selling books which are a must to read.

Are going to choose your next Tamil Romantic Novel? It’s very tough to find which one you should read. Here we are sharing some romance books which keep your heart racing. Here is my favorite list of 20 novels.

Our newest picks are in the chart below:

Tamil Romantic Novels List

Manasellam Nandhini

Author Akila Govind

The book is written by Akila Govind. This book is based on an adult romance story. It came with a very short story with only 165 pages. We recommend you read this book. The book covers a beautiful romantic story with multiple ups and downs in life.

More Book Details:

  • Book Name: Manasellam Nandhini
  • Author: Akila Govind 
  • Genre: Romantic Adult Novels
  • Pages: 165

Nee En Devathai

Author Chitra Bala.

Nee En Devathai is written by Chitra Bala. She is a very popular Tamil novelist. A lot of people recommend this novel because of its great emotional and heart-touching story. For knowing the whole story, you must have to read the whole book. It’s a short story consist of 20 book pages.

More Book Details:

  • Book Name: Nee En Devathai
  • Author:  Chitra Bala 
  • Genre: Novels, Romantic
  • Pages: 19

Aattaththin Nayagan

Author Chitra Bala

This book is also written by Chitra Bala. She is considered the best author of Romance books of Tamil. Here we are sharing basic details of the book. This novel was the best-selling novel of the year. So, what you are waiting for? Buy a novel or read it online. It’s the best Tamil romantic story that makes you cry and laugh. The book is consists of 72 pages. Start reading the book today or maybe right now!

More Book Details:

  • Book Name: Nee En Devathai
  • Author:  Chitra Bala 
  • Genre: Novels, Romantic
  • Pages: 72

Azhakiya Tamil Mahalae

Author Vani

Azhakiya Tamil Mahalae is written by Vani. Vani is one of my favorite authors of Romance books in the Tamil language. Vani is also known as a detective writer because he used to write suspense stories. He makes its reader get into the story he has written. Vani has written hundreds of books, most of his books are romance novels. Here we have shared one of the tip novels of Vani with you. Download it for reading online or buy from a nearby shop.

Endrum Kadhaludan

Author Chitra Bala

Endrum Kadhaludan is written by Chitra Bala. She is also a writer of Romantic Stories. Endrum is the most popular romantic book in Tamil. The book consists of only 45 pages. Download the book for reading online. However, most people want its hard copy. You can check it out on Amazon for buying.


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