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Gay Romance Novels are not as vast as other romance novels like the world of Male and Female Romance. Are you looking for Gay Romantic Books? finding something dark? or fake and hidden marriages? If yes you are landed at the right place. Here we are going to share the best Gay Romance novels M to M.

List Of Best Gay Romance Novels;


Author: Ian Finn

In this amazing gay romance novel, a person named Duncan, who is a rich and successful man and works as a CEO. He loves his work at the council and as well as in his bed-chamber. Duncan is set on hiding his desires and wants to enjoy the pleasure of his one-night secret meetings of lovers. But one day he meets Tyler, who Duncan’s an old friend. Tyler is a teenager and he wants to be a musician, but Tyler’s intentions are to change Duncan’s love and then make a relationship that they deserve. He will do his best to complete his wishes.

First time up

Author: Declan Rhodes

Eric and Harley start a relationship of their love. While Eric had his own baseball team. His team was increasing day by day and he wanted to hide his love desires and pay attention to his baseball, but this was all about before Harley coming’s in his team, as a new right fielder. They both started their love story and are caring for a cute little dog. Everything was going right. Suddenly a weird thing happens between them which challenges their relationship and their belief in intimacy and they don’t know what is going to happen. it is one of my favorite Gay Romance Novels.

One night at Finn’s

Author: R.G. Alexander

Brady Finn is exhausted from his unconditioned abstention. Especially when he went through a bad tryst, he can’t be able to forget it properly. A nice person Carter Willis who was a former drill sergeant helps Brady by finding the two men that beat him up on that occasion. Then they both Carter and Brady start attracting to one another. But Brady doesn’t know where the attraction is. Because Carter only shows care for him and wants to protect him in the future. Now, Brady wants to decide something, whether trust in Carter and end their relationship, or do things in his old ways, which will make him alone.

Undeniable Attraction

Author: David Home

A scientist named Finnick Doyle is traveling towards Labrador to do some researches on climate change. His world totally changed, when he meets handyman Dalton Barnes. They both started liking one another, But the scientist tries to hide his feelings for this interesting man until Dalton gets rid off of him. This chapter has all the components of a notable story, it has threatening suspense of both men’s lives, that make a great impact on the reader that they will live their lives happily and together or not.

Historical Gay Romance Novels

The Doctor’s Discretion

Author: E.E. Ottoman

If you are a lover of historical Gay Romance, Then check out the list of these four novels. He rescues a patient in New York City in the 1830s then the story begin.

Fantasy and Paranormal Gay Romance Novels

Locked in Silence

Author: Sloane Kennedy

Due to some reasons two men came back to a little village in Minnesota. The village they had never forget. Nolan, who comes back to take care of his old father, works as a professional violinist, his father is spending his last time re-joining his family in one house and doing hard work for this job. Dallas, who is a former baseball player and got an accident in the past which takes away all his loved ones and he lost also his voice. In this hard time of their life, in which they are trying to mix up with the peoples and be as imposing as possible, Nolan and Dallas meet and start liking one another.

Tangled Up In Youmens

Author: Jaclyn Osborn

The two teenager falls in love but they were started as a friend. Now Corbin is traveling to California at a college to play football but Hunter is staying in the small town named Arkansas. After 1 year, he comes back to Arkansas and expecting that Hunter will give him another chance, He wants to start their relation from where he left it. But Hunter doesn’t want to to-start that mess again and not wants to put two men’s future in great danger.

The Station

Author: Keira Andrews

Two men are sent to a prison colony in Australia, Where Colin was an addict to a luxurious life that was not available in prison, and another man Patrick, who has been spoiled for as long as he can remember. They both get a chance in prison to know one another better. They are doing their best to avoid the relation type thing before Colin and Patrick get a chance to get rid of cattleman life. But there is still a question in the reader’s mind, are all these things solved their problems or make it tougher for them?

Electric Sunshine

Author: Davies

Charlie’s wounds are still fresh from his boyfriend’s death when he meets a new person named Kev, he took Charlie’s attention to himself and Charlie starts attracting toward him and Kev makes Charlie believe that he’s alright. Long before, Kev was thrown out from home by his parents due to his gay thing. So Kev’s wounds are more-deeper than Charlie’s. So if they both understand one another then these two will come into a relationship and take care of each other. But it seems harder than they both are expecting.

Made Mine

Author: Sloane Kennedy

The insulate gay man named Reese is messed up in more than one thing. The other guy Ben lives on his own and knows how to take care of himself, but due to some reasons, he decided to live with his enriched family and look after his younger sister. But after that Georgie stuck in some kind of problem, Reese comes to help and protect Ben and his sister but he put both teenager’s lives in confusion. Then in the meantime, the help Ben arrived which never seen in years, who is a biological brother. This is an interesting story that has been guaranteed to be suspicious and amazing.

Ride or Dye

Author: Aimee Nicole Walker

A happy couple living together in a house full of love, Bu.t Gabe and Josh give less time to themselves. They both decided to go on a vacation on a beautiful beach, but there happens a murder incident which is a mystery. They both are excited to spend some time with one another to get away from their busy life. While during a bad storm, a guest on a beach was murdered and Gabe is thinking that the next target of the killer is maybe Josh and he can confirm the law.

Country Boys

Author: Peter Styles

After a long time, Kyle comes back to Allen’s farm to live together again, and to make some money together. Allen is a cattleman and a farmer where Kyle is a city-slicker. They both have some attraction for one another, but Allen is scared that if he exposed his feelings for Kyle, then Kyle will lefts him again. These two men start living together and now it’s like a contest who will move the first step to show his desires. As the time spend, the attraction between them starts growing rapidly. 

Hudson’s Luck

Author: Lucy Lennox

This is a very complicated story of a man named Hudson, who doesn’t know actually his own love desire and asks a question to himself related to it. After refusing the proposal of marriage of his boss’s daughter who was his girlfriend in real, he moved to Ireland. Where he sees Charlie in an Irish pub and he feels some attraction towards Charlie and Charlie feels the same thing. But Charlie stepped back when he gets to know that Hudson is a straight guy. Later on, they both get settle down in Hudson’s village, where Charlie has to do something with his feelings for Hudson, and Hudson’s feelings for her ex-girlfriend. Charlie is thinking about how to end’s up to all this mess.

Kidnapped by the Pirate

Author: Keira Andrews 

Nathaniel went to an arranged marriage in Primrose, where he thinks that he can easily hide his feelings. But there an incident happens, Nathaniel gets kidnapped by a man who wants to take revenge on Nathaniel’s father’s doings. But that man never thought about what will happen in the future. After some time pass, Hawk the kidnapper, get to know that son is not as horrible as his father was. Hawk starts feeling some attraction for Nathaniel, both get into a secret relationship and hide their relationship from the world but the question is that Is this relation will sort out all their issues? 

Protecting the Billionaire

Author: Jason Collins

Damon is an undercover cop who has faced a lot of misfortune in his past. He is appointed to guard a rich man named Jamie. Damon was thinking that he was again day-caring a pampered rich man. But things changes between them as time pass, both attracted to one another. The rich man is afraid to step forward because he thinks that Damon is a straight guy. But as they spend more time with one another, things started to change, and they end up with an amazing loving relationship that they are not expecting with one another.

Author: Nicki Rowe

This is an interesting story of a man who has some aim in life to live alone and a lover who expects more from that man, love, and affection than only a physical one from that man. Axe is a type of person who wants to live alone always and has a life that consists of an enjoyable romp with different men and women. One day he met a person named Mason, the young man becomes one of his dates until he makes a decision to move a step ahead, and there’s relation ends up with some amazing results.

Best Friend’s Father

Author: Devon McCormack

Jesse and his best friend decide to spend a memorable vacation and spend some time with one another and do some fun in the city. But Jesse was not expecting that he will get some feelings for his best friend’s father. But the feelings are not only one-sided, but His friend’s father also attracted toward Jesse. As time passes their relation got more serious and sometimes Jesse feels weird about this relation, after all, he is his friend’s father and they both don’t know is there any future of their relationship or not?

Fight for it

Author: A.D. Ellis

Two men Micah and Cole are in a close relationship, and enjoying their beautiful days with one another. But there is a problem between them. Micah is proud to be out but Cole doesn’t. Cole has a dirty secret which he thinks can ruin their future and life, if his secret revealed. But Cole’s feelings for Micah are still increasing with time. Cole has to make his mind, and hide his secret and lose everything, or lived with him and watch where their relationship takes them. It seems only one thing is possible at the same time, their relation or his secret.

Unwritten Law

Author: Eden Finley

A task is given to a man to do a break-up with his twin brother’s boyfriend, which he did many times before. But this time, this relation is more difficult to break, and then he meets Reeds, who is the present boyfriend and matters start changing dramatically. He aims to break up with Reed, but he started feeling attraction toward Reeds, where Reed considering him his real twin brother. Now there’s a question, how long this relationship will go or its end when Reed finds out what the reality is?

Call Me by Your Name

Author: Andre Aciman

This is an amazing story about the teenage boy and about the guest who arrived at their home. If you like this type of love relations stories then this chapter is for you, in which it tells about the love relation between the young boy and the guest. This book is the winner of the New York Times out-sanding Book of the Year award and also many more. It’s about love, fancy, and wishes, and the relationship between two men and the reader will never forget this story.

Out into the World

Author: Chris Hunter

An amazing novel of gay romance novel tells the story of a teenage boy named Eric, who is in college and about to graduate and then wants to feel like an adult. The time starts changing quickly, when he meets a new person and starts attracting toward him, then suddenly he finds out who this amazing man is. Now there’s a question, will the real identity of this man ruin their love relation or they will carry on with more love and flourish?

A Summer of Guiltless

Author: Dan Skinner

Two men start a new relationship and they make a decision to only go for physical love, and no strings attached because in past they both ditched by their boyfriends. Ted and Bill decide to remain in relation only for summer and after that, they will go back to their lives. Now summer is about to end, and they have to go their ways but can they be able to do that to forget everything between them and start a new life, or they step ahead in their relationship with more love and desires.

Author: Harper Logan

A man named Brooklyn is about to get married to a person named Austin, it was not a love marriage, it’s an arranged marriage which is done to get a huge amount of prize. But there’s a problem, After their, marriage Brooklyn finds out that his husband Austin not gay. They both trying to sort out this issue while a picture of them in bed gets viral on the internet. Now they get in thoughts that this marriage can last for a month, or much less a year. But in the end, there is a huge prize for both of them.

His Dirty Secret

Author: Aiden Bates

Anthony got shocked when he feels that his close friend’s brother is showing attraction towards him. But from the attitude of this guy, it looks like he is hiding something very big secret from everyone. This guy’s name is Ryan and he just released from jail. He doesn’t want any long-term relationship with anybody, but he is showing more interest in Anthony more than any other guy, then they spend a one-night-stand which changes everything and this chapter tells you more about two people who never get to know each other.

Taken Boy

Author: Loki Renard

This is a dark romance story between two men Bobby and Angelo, where Bobby is a teenage man who wants to put an end to his worst enemy. Angelo’s intentions are different for him. He wants to snap him. They are arranging meetings to achieve their certain goals. But when they first meet, things change differently. They both attracted to one another and want to be together with knowing the consequences. But neither of them can be changed by this happening.

Mister Bridesmaid

Author: Ivy Oliver

A man is invited to his friend’s marriage, where he shows interest in his friend’s brother, Colt can endure than him. They both get in a relation type thing and do a one-night stand, but when they get into their senses, they find out that they are married now, and start thinking what will happen next? These two men don’t know what is happening but they step ahead with belief and love. They feel that all this happening is for something good.

The Substitute

Author: Sean Ashcroft

Flynn is trying to clean up all his brother’s mess, which he always did because his brother Aiden left his husband Zach on the day of their wedding. Flynn and Zach both are shocked by the reaction to the wedding. Still, Zach is trying to save his feelings to get hurt again. But Flynn finds some weird feelings for Zach, which he never knows he has. Both are attracted to one another, but still, they think, before getting too late, they must stop.


Author: Melissa Collins

Noah is a doctor by passion who finds out his boyfriend is cheating on him and he asked for a break-up. Where a man named Chase is a desperate person, who believes that he has nothing to give to his partner and he is raising his younger. brother. One day, Chase and Noah meet and Chase shows some attraction toward him. But Noah is now doubtful with relation thing. Now the story got some twist, where one man is totally interested to another, but the other isn’t showing any interest. Question is that what will happen next? will they get into something or it will remain one-sided?

Curl Around My Heart

Author: Londra Laine

Tate thinks that he doesn’t need anything because he has a successful business of hair and nail spa. Where Reese is single and he is looking after his younger daughter, who is eight-year-old. In past, Tate and Reese had a very disappointing relationship, but they tried to step ahead with that relationship. Then suddenly Reece’s ex arrives in the picture, which threatens their relationship and both men get wondering what will happen now, will their relationship carry on, and because of that, the whole story of their relationship is getting change.

These Gay Romance Novels are full of suspenses. You will love to read.

Fresh Catch

Author: Kate Canterbury

To get rid off of his daily life Cole went to a vacation spot to enjoy some moments there. He gets lost in the peace of the sea. But suddenly things get worse, he starts feeling love for a lobsterman named Owen, who has no intention for relation and he never does talks with people and has no patience in him. Owen shocked, by the feelings of Cole for him, and Cole was hiding the secret from him. What you think, can Cole make Owen’s mind to start a relationship or will they remain as it?  

Hard for My Boss

Author: Daryl Banner

At Gage communications, where Trevor, a young boy, started an internship. But there a weird thing happens, he feels some feelings for the rich and powerful owner of that Communication, Benjamin Gage. Trevor got stuck between his feelings and internship. Because he thinks how can it will be possible for an inexperienced intern to seduce his boss for a relationship or tell him that he needs a relationship between them. Difficulties are on his way, but he makes his mind and set on not to step back so easily. This story will make you more suspicious of the characters that are strange and lovable.

Find You Out- Gay Romance Novels

Author: Rachel Kane

A man named Cam, who is hiding very dark secrets from society, and one day he got threatened by an online stalker, who is threatening him that he will disclose all his dark secrets to the world. Cam contacted Alex, to help him to find out, who is the stalker is. But he has bad feelings about this scene because, in the past, something like this burned Alex. But at last, they start working together to reveal the truth. Alex feels that he not only wants to reveal that stalker, but he also has desires for Cam. In this gay romance novel, what you think, can these two uncertain men express their feelings to start a relationship?


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