25 Best Pirate Romance Novels That Will Leave You Swooning

Pirate Romance Novels are very interesting for the readers because they are full of adventure, love, lust, and mysteries. People love Pirate Romance Books, scofflaws, and bandits, rogues, and rascals. So these Pirate novels are the top-rated novels, which get the interest of all the readers. These books are filled with plenty of adventure of Pirate King and Queens. Read these novels, I bet you reading these books will take you on an unforgettable journey.


Plunder by Knight

Author Mia Pride

This novel Plunder by knight is written by Mia Pride. The writer tells the different story of love and romance, between an English pirate and a girl. Katherine and Thomas live in Ireland, but Katherine is English by birth where Thomas is an English knight with a pirate background. They both should be enemies to one another because Thomas kidnaps her. He did this for the sake to aid the English as a pirate and fulfilling his responsibilities to his queen. But Thomas doesn’t know, that they will lit up some feelings for one another. They both have the same goal, which is freedom for Ireland. In the middle of all of the emotions, both good and bad feelings are surrounding them. Katherine and Thomas are set on to one thing to find one another and be live together.

Lady Pirate

Author Lynsay Sands

The Lady Pirate is written by Lynsay Sands. It is an amazing story of a girl who went through many challenges to achieve her life goal. Valoree wants to regain her late brother’s birthright. So for this task, Valoree has changed her costume as a pirate for a time being. Now her task is completed, so she has returned to Ainsley Castle as the true successor. But still, there’s a problem, to attain her right, she has to be married to a lord and get pregnant. For this task, she moves back to the high seas in the search of a nobleman to make him her husband. When she started her journey she has only one thing in her mind that to find a man who can easily handle a lady pirate.

Escape the Sea

Author Bailey

Escape the sea is an amazing novel which is written by Bailey. This is the story of a girl who has some kind of superpowers, and the people surrounding them want her dead. Cassandra is a child, who is born with unique powers, and people want her death after her birth. But she got an advantage from her father, because at that time her father is a member of their council, so Cassandra’s life was spared.

So now, it is her father’s duty to keep her safe from evil eyes as long as possible. But one day, mistakenly she is seen by the peoples who may not know about her existence. Now she has to run from that place because her life is in danger, so she escapes to the place where it is possible, the sea. Where her companions are six good-looking pirates and she is thinking that they will kill her but she is wrong. They all want to win her heart.

Leader of Titans

Author Kathryn Le Veque

The writer Kathryn Le Veque writes the story of the 15th century. it’s about the Leader of Titans. The name of the novel is the same, in which a man named Constantine. He is well-educated and known as the best pirate. Constantine is named the Leader of Titans. His bad habit is that he loves women a lot. A widow named Lady Gregg came to him and tell him about the sacred object which was given by her late husband. Everyone seems to want it. Lady Gregg knows that Constantine is the only fearless pirate, who can fight against the French who are getting closer to snatch this object. Now he has only two things to think, one is to save the Lady from danger, and the other is to get that sacred object if it possible for him.

Savage of the Sea

Author Eliza Knight

In the novel the writer Eliza Knight writes an amazing story of a pirate prince and widow women. she writes that when Savage the prince and Lady Jane meet, they show some feelings for one another. But, she is hiding a dark secret. When she feels her life in danger, she wants prince to help because Savage has protected her before and she thinks he would do the same this time also. But he is confused this time because Savage has a reputation, which he has to maintain and he doesn’t want to ruin it. But still, there’s something about Lady Jane, which is making her interesting. There are wars surrounding them, and now question is that who will save them from one another?

Her Pirate to Love

Author Michelle Beattie

In the book, Her Pirate to Love, the author Michelle Beattie writes about the life of a man and a lady. The Lady named Grace actually hates men and thinks they all are selfish. But her thoughts change when she meets Sam, AKA Cale. Sam is a famous pirate and wants to live his dream life but he knows he can’t get that life. Cale had saved the life of Grace. Which makes her to changes her thinking. They both spend most of their time with one another. They started getting closer, but when the foe of Cale comes out to find him, things started complicated between them. Will Cale feels that the attraction between them is only for a time need?

The Seafaring Rogue

Author Sky Purington

The Seafaring Rogue novel is written by Sky Purington, who has a suspenseful, fascinating story, that is full of excitement and passion which increases your interest. Fraser is seriously injured, and he is left dead, but a medicine named Elspeth finds him and saved his life. Elspeth has kept very dark secrets in her heart, and due to these secrets, some pirates kidnapped her at midnight. Now Fraser is set on to save her at any cost, and take her revenge because he owes her, so Fraser goes to find her and this shows that the stoned heart can be eased if the person is right.

The Pirate Bride

Author Kathleen Y’Barbo

The novel The Pirate’s Captive is written by Kathleen Y’Barbo, a romantic story of a pirate and a girl. A girl named Evelyn is kidnapped by a pirate, and he is asking price for freedom and he takes her with him to a ship, where he has some work to do. Even though this pirate has no intention of hurting her. Evelyn has no idea about it, when she disobeys him, then he spanks her in front of her men, which makes her so angry. But Evelyn finds out that he has no intention to harm her, so she is getting tease a little, and starts looking forward to the next time he touches her. The pirate has planned to deliver her to a man in a city named Boston, but Evelyn is trying to make his belief that she has feelings for him.

Never Trust a Pirate

Author Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart writes an interesting novel named Never Trust a Pirate, a girl named Maddy was very rich and had a successful family, but now they are poor because a pirate has fraud with them. When she knows that who did the fraud with them, so she decided to take revenge on the pirate and his family. And she started working as a servant in their house, to get a chance to take them down. Thomas who is that pirate is about to marry his fiancee before he sees Maddy. He doesn’t know that what is the purpose of Maddy to be here. But if the reality of Maddy finds out then it will ruin both of their lives.

Pirate’s Bride

Author Lynette Vinet

This novel Pirate’s Bride is written by Lynette Vinet, who tells the story of a girl named Bethlyn, she is the daughter of an earl, her father forced her to marry a man, but after the event, he left her, and after few years, Bethlyn is determined to find her husband, so they can live again as a true husband and wife. She wanted to give her husband one another chance. But unfortunately, when she arrives on a ship, the Captain named Hawk, captured her. Bethlyn finds some attraction towards the Captain. He also thinks that she is a prostitute, and when the time passes and she reached the destination, she gets some trouble to find her husband, but deep inside she doesn’t want to reach him before.

A Pirate’s Wife for Me

Author Christina Dodd

A mysterious novel A Pirate’s Wife for Me is written by Christina Dodd, she writes the story of a girl named Caitlin, who has just done her graduation from her town school for governesses. In her studies, she learned how to pick locks and bring down dictators. To achieve back an island kingdom, a personate prince and a pirate want Caitlin in their services. Caitlin says yes to them, and she doesn’t know their true identity. Taran has given his words to Caitlin that he will keep their relation proper during the misery, but the task will be much more difficult than they are thinking.

Love the Sea

Author Bailey

Love The Sea is the novel of Bailey, Cassandra is a well-known lady. So that’s why, her life has always in trouble, but to solve the problems she’s always had her pirates to help. When she is captured and bring in front of the king, all the secrets revealed that she’s never expected. But the king is not inspired by her claim and puts her in the prison, where she is surrounded by all evil. When the God of Sea offers Cassandra a plan to escape but she doesn’t like it because it cost a big price and she’s not happy about that. And the question is the rise, where the pirates go, they had to be there for her help?

Rescued by Qaiyaan

Author Tamsin Ley

The pirate romance novel Rescued by Qaiyaan is written by Tamsin Ley, in this novel a girl named Lisa, whose twin brother is missing and she is doing her best to find him. But many organizations want Lisa, because of the biotechnology found in her head, but she’s a human, where Qaiyaan is an alien pirate whose species just might be saved by what she knows. They both are traveling on a ship together and they work together to ruin the plans of some evil peoples and keep their ship from drowning. This is the biotechnology that brings them together but it can also ruin them in the end.

The Pirate and the Pagan

Author Virginia Henley

Virginia Henley writes an amazing novel The Pirate and The Pagan. The story of a Lady, who is participating in smuggling to save her estate, but Summer thinks that if she married a rich man then it will work for her family’s estate. Then finally she meets a rich man named Lord Ruark, she is thinking he might be the one, but as they started to know one another, then something weird happens which makes her scared. He is charming, but also very rude and arrogant, and she is thinking that he is going to give her all the happiness or may ruin her.

The Care & Feeding of Pirates

Author Jennifer Ashley

The novel The Care & Feeding of Pirates is written by Jennifer Ashley. A girl falls in love with a pirate named Christopher, and when Honoria expresses her feelings in front of her parents then a terrible thing happened, he is then brought out and hanged. But a few years pass, she thinks that she sees Christopher again. But now she has stepped forward in her life and gets engaged with an English gentleman. Where the pirate Christopher is trying hard for the past four years, to reach her and make her his wife. When they finally face each other, will there be any feelings of love and joy, or they both have their own motive?

Sea Wolfe

Author Katherine Le Veque

The novel Sea Wolfe is written by Katherine Le Veque, she writes the story of a girl named Genevieve, who is traveling to England on a ship, where she is about to marry a man, that she doesn’t want to. She found some attraction for the head pirate named Lucifer on that ship when she gets in touch with him. There’s nothing common between them, but they find some weird feelings for one another. Above all, she prefers the head pirate, for whom she has feelings, instead of a man she doesn’t want to marry. But now the suspense begins, that will there something happens between the pretty lady and a fallen angel?

The Reckless

Author MaryLu Tyndall

The interesting novel The Reckless is written by MaryLu Tyndall, a story is told about a woman named Reena, who is actually a pirate captain and gets anything that she wants, and right now she wants a man named Frederick. But he has his own goals. Frederick wants to become a preacher. But from his heart he loves her. Frederick is set to keep his goal as a secret from her and accomplish it quietly. In the story, there are more important things such that deserted islands, traitors, villains, and mutinies, which they both have to discuss and make a serious decision if they want to live with one another.

The Pirate’s Tempting Stowaway

Author Erica Ridley

The Pirate’s Tempting Stowaway is the novel of Erica Ridley, a pirate captain who is known as Blackheart, loves to live on the sea and has no interest in love and romance. But when a girl named Clara comes to his ship, he feels differently for her, which he was thinking is not within his limits. She is animated and unafraid, unique from other women he ever met. When he reaches the place, where Clara wants to go, Blackheart thinks his responsibility is finish, but she thinks it just the start. Clara is set on to find him back, even for this she has to turn the tides and bring the storm to his ship.

Lady of the Moon

Author Kathryn Le Veque

Lady of the Moon is another amazing novel by Kathryn Le Veque. Samarra is a Lady warrior, whose task is to become the bride of Sir Rhodes. But he doesn’t have any intentions to make her his bride. Sir Rhodes tries his best to run away, but he has to meet her face to face and discuss to bring him and his intended together. But a miracle happens, Sir Rhodes feels an attraction to Samarra. But Is it can be possible, that they will find a way together because Samarra is assigned to be his bride?

The Sea Lyon

Author Hildie McQueen

The Sea Lyon is written by Hildie McQueen. When Dorian goes away to see his dying mother, he meets a woman, which he despises more than anything else. Actually Dorian is a pirate captain, and Ileana and her child are on a run to save their life. They are a force for defending their lives against pirates. The main problem is that Captain Dorian is in reality more dangerous than what she is running from because Dorian has the best motive to demise her or take revenge.

The Pirate’s Witch

Author Jennifer Blackstream

Jennifer Blackstream writes the novel named The Pirate’s Witch. This story is most romantic intriguing, funny romantic story, happy ending, and exciting turns, which makes the audience look forward. A man Tyr is on a mission to find the firebird because he has to deliver it to an ogre king. if he’s not doing then he would die. This is the result if you cross the king. Even Tyr is a one-armed pirate, who has very much experienced at his work. The witch named Ingrid who’s an earth witch but doesn’t want to remain on the earth. Finally, Tyr kidnapped her, because he has to find the elusive firebird, and complete his mission.

Confessions of a Pirate Ghost

Author Jo-Ann Carson

The novel Confessions of a Pirate Ghost is written by Jo-Ann Carson, in which he writes the story of Harley. This story will lead you to mystery, adventure, and a lot of fun, that you will not be forgotten. She is an art forger, who can dive off of a sailboat and swims towards the shore, but Harley sees only light, which is coming from the inside of a ghostly teahouse. She scares of that house, but she is alone and afraid and needs a place to hide. In that house, there’s a ghost pirate named Three-Sheets. And that ghost immediately started to attract her attention toward him. All of a sudden her ex-boss puts a price on her head.

Pirate by Night

Author Lisa Asenato

Pirate by Night is one of the great novels by Lisa Asenato. In this novel she tells the story of a man who is stabbed in back by his own uncle. Nicholas was tricked robbed of his rightful title and his uncle handed it to pirates. So, then he rides the sea to do good deeds for the peoples. But after all this, he decided to take his revenge on his uncle who put him in this situation.

Then he reaches a town where he becomes the new vicar. In this act, he fell in love with a maimed woman whose name is Grace. She is so gentle soul who ministers to the city peoples. She doesn’t know that Nicholas is a pirate, and love between them is rapidly increasing as the day passes. But the question is that what will happen when Grace finds out his reality? This novel is full of twists and turns, which make the reader interest more.

The Pirate Prince

Author Gaelen Foley

This fascinating pirate romance novel, The Pirate Prince is written by Gaelen Foley. The pirate prince named Lazar, who is mad to take revenge and take back his birthright and his kingdom. His first enemy daughter named Allegra comes to Lazar and beg for his mercy to save her family. Her beauty and courage make his mind agree with her. The only thing is that Allegra has to travel a journey on the open sea with him. All of a sudden she comes to know that he is the man who she saw in her dreams when she was a teen. Now, Allegra is set on being with him.

Once a Pirate

Author Susan Grant

This amazing novel Once a Pirate is written by Susan Grant. Carly Callahan is a Lieutenant and her fighter jet crashes in the greatest battle of her life. When she was born, she rescued by a pirate captain. After some time she comes to know that, she is only playing a part in his plan to take his revenge against his enemies. The nobleman named Andrew Spencer has only one goal in his life, to destroy the man who ruined his whole life. But when he meets with her and finds out that she’s from another century entirely. They start getting close, and she makes him believe about the flying machines and the future. Her bravery and courage impressed him and convince him to reconsider his plans.

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