25 Best Romantic Comedy Books To Read

Romantic comedies are a dime a dozen, but which ones stand the test of time? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite romantic comedy books for 2021. From classics like Pride and Prejudice to modern-day hits like Bridget Jones’ Diary, these novels will have you laughing out loud while also giving your heartstrings something to tug at. You know, there’s nothing better than laughing along with a romantic comedy. There’s no better escape from a heavy read than the light-hearted world of romance. The problems are often as comical in these books, but there’s always an eventual happy ending – and with one of our romantic reads, you’ll be laughing at it!

We included all the new bestselling releases and our favourite contemporary romance novels in compiling this list of the best romantic reads. To get your creative sparks flying for Valentine’s Day or any other time, here are some tremendous rom-com books recommendations!

Love in the City

Author  Jen Morris

On her 30th birthday and feeling miserable from a recent breakup, Alex drinks herself into making some drastic decisions. She decides to take the trip she had planned for New York City with hopes of writing a sexy romance novel instead of remaining stuck in her hometown job as an employee at “The Books Girls Say”. The following day Alex has two options: stay or go?

In this book, the love unfolds in slow and deliberate strokes. Melanie Harlow has created a story where you can watch affection grow between two characters as they learn about each other’s quirks over time; it is an easy read that doesn’t require much thought or investment from readers because there are no hardships for them to overcome on their way to finding true love. Love in the city is one of my favorite reads from Romantic Comedy Books.


Author Sariah Wilson

This romantic comedy Books follows the life of Madison. Ita about a woman who grew up wealthy but through her properties away to follow her dreams. She has now fallen on hard times and is short on money for even an apartment close to what she wants in her dream living space. Her aunt’s real estate agency found someone else who needed help with their dog while they were travelling as well!

When her last relationship burned Madison, she vowed never to get too close again. Now that she needs a place to stay and is broke as hell, the idea of pretending not to be single sounds like an agreeable solution for all involved!

But while Tyler finds himself strangely attracted to this fiery woman who doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Madison has great intentions. Will Tyler keep following his rules? Find out in this hilarious story about love gone wrong – or right?!

Boyfriend Material

Author Alexis Hall

Looking for an excellent rom com? Meet bitter Luc O’Donnell, who grew up with too much emotional baggage from being raised by distant celebrity parents and having an eccentric mother. His life turns upside down when his job at the Charity becomes threatened because incriminating photos were posted online, so he now had to rebrand himself as a good guy.

Luc O’Donnell is very emotional due to growing up with a distant B-list celeb father and mother. When his job at the Charity is endangered, he takes drastic measures to save it- coming out as gay to come across as “the right kind of gay.” He knows that’s not what he wants for himself, but could he maybe sustain a fake relationship long enough?

The EX Talk

Author Rachel Lynn Solomon

Shay, the radio host, has ten years of experience, and she doesn’t appreciate Dominic, her new co-worker. He thinks he learned it all in his master’s program, so Shay pitches a show to get him out of her hair – The Ex Talk! She calls this significant yes with one caveat: she needs to make these two exes work together on-air as they dislike each other. And luckily for them, their relationship off-air is getting more complicated too.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Author Talia Hibbert

The Brown Sisters series is hilarious, and the third rom com book will not disappoint. In this instalment of their adventures, Eve’s parents send her packing after she ruins an expensive wedding by accidentally setting off the confetti cannons too early. Eve is flightiest amongst all of the sisters. She applies for a chef job but finds that she has more good intentions than cooking skills even in chaos. Also, the owner of a business is poles apart.

When confronted with an angry B&B owner, he sends her away. Accidently, she runs the car into him, which was out-of-control. It turns out they’re both fed up, so they team up. She decided to run to the place while he recovers from injuries.

Meet Cute

Author Helena Hunting

A typical night led Melissa to the book she would never forget. What starts as a sweet, harmless story about life’s inevitable crushes turns into something much more meaningful. When his family faced a tragic incident unexpectedly, he had to move from the old school where he studied.

The Flatshare

Author Beth O’Leary

Leon is a night-shift worker who needs some extra cash to help out his family. To make this happen, he decides to get a roommate. Someone willing and able to sleep in Leon’s one bed when they’re not home at the same time. It seems like an impossible plan until Sophie moves into town after getting dumped by her cheating ex-boyfriend.

A newly single architect with no ties left. They’ve barely even met yet but quickly strike up conversations via post-it notes about life as roommates: what kind of passive-aggressive behaviour should be expected? What if someone starts using all their shampoo or toothpaste without asking first? And how will either party handle unexpected things that come up? The novel is full of humour and serious topics. It’s the best rom-com to read right now.

The BoyFriend Project

Author Farrah Rochon

When all three women realize they’re dating the same guy, what do you think happens? They would become enemies of each other?. Nope! Instead, they become friends instead of enemies because it dawns on them that a man can’t make or break your life. And so, rather than concentrating on finding husbands for themselves, which could take years. They focus more time on reaching their own goals in this world, like becoming president someday, with her first order being universal healthcare coverage for everyone from A-Z. But things get complicated when some hot new guy appears at Samaih’s job.

Can You Keep a Secret?

Author Sophie Kinsella

Emma was shocked to find out that she spilled her secrets on a plane and the guy in question, CEO of their company. Sophie Kinsella is an author who always makes us laugh with her over-the-top characters from 2001’s Confessions of Shopaholic back to 2000.

The Bromance Book Club

Author Lyssa Kay Adams

A few years ago, a group of alpha Nashville guys developed a system to help couples fight for their marriage. These men have all been through the wringer with relationships and know what it’s like when things go south. It is important to get back on track again. This novel follows one couple undergoing relationship difficulties as they work together to save theirs by using some techniques learned from reading novels about other successful marriages. It was originally published in 2013. Two more books following this same storyline if you’re looking for something new but also really enjoy these characters too!

Get a Life

Author Chloe Brown

Chloe Brown is making her way into the world with a chronic illness and an interest in rom-com. Her first book to be traditionally published, Get A Life, differentiates itself from other irresistible reads by incorporating discussions about living life while managing fibromyalgia. The 30-year-old computer geek just moved into her place, but she’s got love on the brain too. She has this crush on Red, who might hate, or maybe he fears Chloe due to his fear of germs?

Love at First Like

Author Hannah Orenstein

Eliza Roth is the owner of a flourishing jewellery business that caters to fashionable millennials. She recently made her 100k followers believe she was engaged when it turns out all this time, Eliza had been working on an accident for months and finally decided to follow through with the ruse. After finding someone who can play along as her stand-in boyfriend, Blake will help make everyone think they’re together by posting pictures inside their home. She tried her best without giving any hints about what’s happening behind closed doors or outside these four walls. Private moments are shared between them just like every other couple would do: cooking dinner together, watching TV side-by-side and cuddling up under fluffy blankets while chatting at night before bed.

Fix Her Up

Author Tessa Bailey

Fix Her Up is one of the best romantic comedy books that’ll have you laughing and swooning from the first page to the last. 23-year-old Georgie Castle, who’s tired of being treated like the baby in her family, wants something more than just hanging out with her brothers at their local bar every night after work. Setting up “dates” for herself as one part of this plan, but it didn’t seem to go anywhere until she made Travis Ford – an old childhood crush now back home on Long Island following injury – believe they were going on dates too! With only good intentions in mind (pretending they’re dating), these two quickly realize how difficult things can get when feelings are involved.

Red, White & Royal Blue

Author Casey McQuiston

Imagine that you are the first son of America and when it comes to royalty, imagine falling in love with a Prince from England. Imagine getting to watch this relationship unfold for yourself as these two sexy guys fall head over heels into one another. Clear your calendar because after reading about their secret romance, you will not want anything else but them!

Crashing the A-List

Author Summer Heacock

Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity? Well, this book is about what happens when an unemployed editor stumbles into the actor’s secret. The recent laid-off protagonist in question is based on Benedict Cumberbatch, and if that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will.

The Right Swipe

Author Alisha Rai

The Right Swipe is a heart-wrenching love story about Rhiannon Hunter, an entrepreneur who’s built her career on the pursuit of romance. Yet, she has never experienced that feeling of “love.” When Samson Lima—a former football player whom she met of her app and had one night with months ago before disappearing. It shows up again as one of their competitors in this new dating world; will we see another side to our protagonist, or have they finally found what they’ve always wanted?

Bet Me

Author Jennifer Crusie

Bet Me is a classic romantic comedy novel. When Calvin Morrissey, a ladies man who has never been turned down by any woman before, sees Minerva Dobbs sitting alone at the bar one night. He bets his friends that he can get dinner with her. They agree to let him try it out just for kicks. They have an instant dislike of each other but then run into each other again later on in life. End up falling madly in love together where both are happy ending as neither of them ever thought they would be able to find somebody else like themselves so close yet far enough away from home all along!

When it comes to romantic comedy novels, Bet Me is considered quite a popular read among many people today because of author Sophie Kinsella.

The Corset Diaries

Author Katie MacAlister

In Katie MacAlister’s novels, the protagonist often finds themselves in amusing scenarios. In this novel, Tessa applied for a reality show and got selected. She was surprised because she was waiting for such an opportunity. Unfortunately for our hero though there are some bumps along the way with other women who want him too but all of that changes once he falls head over heels in love with his employer—the Duke himself!

Romantic Comedy Books Final Thoughts

Do you find novels that make you laugh and cry at the same time? The list we have shared will. We have collected hundreds of reviews to make a Romantic Comedy Books list for you. If you have more suggestions, please leave us in a comment section or email us.

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