Best Sad Romance Novels That’ll Make You Cry

Are you Looking for the best sad romance novels that will make you cry? Here we are sharing some of best Sad Romance Books for our audience. Reading fiction and romance cause to release of the chemical oxytocin in the brain which is also known as the love hormone or is associated with emotions. These fictions are as addictive to the person as any drug does. Reading books can increase the crystallized intelligence of a person. To those who found of reading the Sad Romantic novels are the best choice. Here is the list of some best sad romance novels which are worth reading them.


Me Without You

Author Kelly Rimmer

This a story about people who fall in love with each other but both personalities are poles apart. This story is full of emotions and sadness which make you cry and also full of fun and love. Lilah was a girl who kept the secrets more than the Callum, as she knew that her relationship with the Callum is not up to the definition of “Forever”. Where will this relationship stay longer or it has to end up at early stages?

Always With You

Author Hannah Ellis

This is the story about the girl Libby who was moved to Australia after her mother was deceased. Along her trip, she finds a lot like friendship, the truth about her father, and most importantly love. She finds Andrew who helps her during her stay in Australia whom she fell in love with. She finds a snap of the strange person whom he considered her father. Andrew helps her in finding her father she found some facts about her father.

The Factory Girls Of Lark Lane

Author Pam Howes

Alice and Millie are the best friends who work at the military factory. Alice falls in for Terry and got married, but she has to let him back to the war. This story is during world war II. As the destruction increases the Millie told Alice that Terry might be in danger and maybe he will never come back. But Alice still has hope for her sweetheart. The story is bout love, about being patient and waiting for a loved one to come back.

 The Sunset After Storm

Author Michelle Sullivan

Mason found a girl at the beach who was crying that girl is Scotti, at instant Mason smitten with her. After reached near her Scotti told her that she is dying, she requested Mason not to fall for her but the Mason can’t help it, but all he wants to make the last days of her love to be beautiful and full of life. A story about true love.

More Than Words

Author Mia Sheridan

Callen and Jessica are friends since childhood. Suddenly the Callens disappear, years later they met in France, and the callen is a famous composer, he spends his whole life as a drunk. But the things as changed too much now callen is in love with the rekindle. What will happen next when things are so unfamiliar and hazy? This is my favorite sad romance book i have read.

Little Maryam

Author Hamid Baig

Saadiq is a doctor who met Anne a journalist back in the hometown in India. Anne met sadiq because of the reason she wants to write a story. Where he finds a Maryam and fallen for her and takes her to states where she could marry her. Unfortunately, their love may not be forever. After some time, Anne came to know that Maryam is in hospital but she could not make her to alive. A love story with a sad ending.

The Luckiest

Author Wendy Owens’s

The Novel is about the widow Mac with a young son, by that time she was only 21. People keep on telling her about her luck that she is still alive. But she could not get out of her past and consider her an unlucky person. 

Hers for A While

Author Danica Chandler

It is a story of Alice who falls in love with jacks, who meet him at the girl’s night out. They met and felt that their this When the relation is forever. But meanwhile, some things happen which may affect their future and they realize with time that they have to live in the present and should not destroy their present because of an unpredictable future.

When we danced at the end of the Pier

 Author by the Sandy

Taylor is a story full of hope, joy love, and also with sadness. This spectacular novel gives you happiness and joy at the same time it shed tears of sadness. This is the story of three friends Nelson, Jack, and Maureen, they considered that they are meant to be together forever, but when War I breaks out the Nelson was sent overseas. how three of them manage to stay together or any of them will left.

Home to You

Author Taylor Sullivan’s

A story of a woman who falls in love with his brother’s friend when they kissed for the first time she felt like a sister to him. This was the most difficult time for her and try to get over all these feelings. When she came back after some time she started to feel the same this was the twist of her life.

Tin Man

Author Sarah Winman’s

Ellis and Michael are friends. Suddenly Ellis marries someone and Michael disappears. What had to happen to these men after the decade. At every stage, this novel has an interesting way to tell the reader.

When I Lost You

Author Kelly Rimmer

The story is about a happily married couple Leo and Molly until Leo has an accident and lost his memory. Molly helped hard to get him back to a healthy life but the twist of their life is that Molly has a big secret. With the passage of time, Leo starts recovering his memory but Molly doesn’t want to remember that secret because she does not want to lose him the second time.

True Love Story

Author Willow Aster’s

The novel is about the love of two young Sparrow students of college and Lan is a member of the band. They fell in love with each other every time. But the tragedy is there is their life, the novel is full of love pain, and tragedy. This sad romantic novel will goanna make you cry and also happy at the end.

A mother’s confession

Author Kelly Rimmer 

The novel is full of suspense and secrets along with desperate love. Olivia is the spouse of David, who had suicide and kill himself. After the tragedy, this time is difficult for Olivia and her family but they have to move on. Olivia helps her family in all this. A lot of secrets about David’s death and the marriage of David and Olivia have to reveal in the novel.

Let You Go

Author  Jaxson Kidman

the story full of romance lust and heartbreaking. The boy met a girl and kisses her, then they had sex and the boy admits that this is not his first time. After some time he also confesses that she already has a girlfriend but she loves the girl too. It takes the girl to depression when she observes that she is pregnant and she also knew that who is the father of her child.

The longest Ride

Author  Nicholas Sparks

It is a story about the heartbreaking love and pain of two couples. The Ira and Ruth. Sophia and Luke. Ruth had an accident and now he is an angel. Sophia is a college student who has her plans before she met with Luke. Now both had a dream about their future life.

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas

Author  James Patterson

 The story is full of love and heartbreaking. This is the story of a woman with a child who is waiting for a man who left her without any reason and explanation and left only a dairy for her. What will be gonna happen in their life after the man whom she loved the most had left her.

Love Finds a Home

Author Jeanette Oke

The story about Belinda who left her town for the great pace life of Boston. Where she had a life with mixed emotions and troubles, but life is not the bed of roses as she thought it to be.

Counting Chimneys

Author Sandy Taylor

Dottie has a great life with her boyfriend Joe until she goes back to Brighton for family celebrations. Where she met with her ex-boyfriend Ralph. She does not let joe know any about Ralph. Will, she succeeded in doing so?

Three Wishes

Author Emma Nichols

The story of the girl Olivia is suffering from a disease but her treatment is not going pretty well, she lived with her mother Charlie. Olivia wants Ben to film a story about her mother at first the Ben was hesitant then he started to do it all together. In doing so they found a lot about her father. this story is full of heartaches and a lot of sadness.

The Legacy of Lucy Harte

Author Emma Heatherington

It is the story of Maggie whose heart was transplanted by the heart of the little girl Lucy. She had a second chance to live a life. Once she receives a letter from that little girl, where there is written a note that Lucy wants her to live the life to fullest. This is the biggest turn of her life.

Wish You Were Here

Author  Renee Carlino‘s novel 

Charlotte is a girl who finds herself sometimes in the wrong direction, she might think that she is in the wrong direction, wrong career a relationship. Meanwhile, in this chaos, she met with Adam and suddenly she thought that this man wants something more for her, but as quickly he comes into her life, he also disappears. Then she had a relationship with Seth but whenever she comes closer to Seth, she had a feeling that she still love Adam. What will happen will she find Adam and continue her love or she will go for Seth?

The Lost Daughter Of India

 Author  Sharon Maas

The story is full of suspense and heartbreak. Caroline and Kamal got married against the consensus of their parents and start to settle in kamal’s native India. This all-new setup was a bit difficult time for Caroline, but she believes that things might go write with time when she gives birth to her daughter, but she starts getting fed up with the remote village and decided to go back to the united state. After 10 years she decided to come back and reunite with kamal but all of first they had to search for their daughter.

Losing A Piece Of Me

Author  K.B. Andrews

A woman full of secrets believes that she will never reveal her secrets. After six years she reunited with her past love and give second chance. And her secrets eventually start revealing, will giving second chance will be heartbreaking for her this time also or not?

Dear John

Author  Nicholas Sparks

The story about the angry young man John who has joined the army and had decided to marry Savannah, his dream girl after he will return. But things start changing after 9/11. One day he receives a letter from the savannah, in which was written that she is getting married to another man, which makes John angry and she was determined to come back and get her back.


Author  Treasure Hernandez

Halleigh and Malek from the Flint, Michigan have a struggling life, with some good and some bad at flint. They work hard to get out from the Hood. The Halleigh was from the south side and the Malek from the Northside, both from opposite sides but are positive. They have a chance to meet again but it’s not as simple as it seems.

Endless Love

Author  Nellie L’Amour

Ryan’s wife died and he has great affection for her, after her death, it was a really difficult time for him to move on, as her late wife told him that there are no goodbyes in love. Suddenly he met Willow and start to fell in love with her but still he loves his wife and never forgotten her. But he suddenly came to know that willow has a dark secret from her past. Will Ryan have a heartbreak once again or will he continue with it?

Anatomy of Cheating

Author  Nesly Clerge

Chelsea thought that she had a great married life but it’s not. Her husband cheated on her many times. The story is filled with betrayal love and deserted. Once Chelsea met with another man and fallen for her as she was also fed up with the flirt of her husband but when her husband came to knew about it he could not bear it and starts question her about her relationship with other men. Will she continue with her relationship or she will come back to her husband and continue her marriage?

Jumping Off Swings

Author   Jo Knowles

the novel full of love excitement and heartbreak. This novel is about the charm and bad of adult teenagers in America. This story is about two couples, Ellie and Josh. Caleb and Corinne had one pregnancy. They grew up so fast to handle the situations of their adult ages.

Grace’s rainbow

Author  Carmel Harrington

Story of the woman Grace who has been diagnosed with cancer. Before the diagnosis, she had a wonderful life with her son jack, after her disease she starts living life with more hope fullness and discover the secrets about her self and her ex-husband Laim come back and help her to find hope in the journey of life. This novel is full of hope, joy, and sadness on every page.

Noami’s Hope

Author Jan Drexler’s

The story about the Amish woman Noami who lived with her parents and her adopted son davies. Then she found a cap who shows interest in her she also wants a future for her, but with this life suddenly the biological parents of Davies came up and reclaim their son. Noami was so heartbroken. Will cap help her to fight with these people or accept her with this heavy heart.

Healed By The Love

Author Jan Drexler

This is the story of the two friends Rick and Nate. Nate is in love with Jewel the sister of his friend. But it was difficult for Nate to start with her. All of that the two men go to war from which the only one comes back who is Nate. In that period jewel is all grown up, but Nate was hesitant to make a relationship with her, will he have stayed heartbroken or there will start a happy life full of love?

Only in Dreams

Author Wendy Owens’s

it is always difficult for a woman to choose between two men. This is the story about a lady who has to choose a man between two one is Henry who makes her feel comfortable and loveable, and the second one is Colin who loves her the most. For whom she will go for from the both/

The Rescue

Author Nicholas Sparks

This is the story of Taylor and Denise. Taylor is the fireman who has rescued many people he found Denise in her car accident when she was unconscious. When she gets back to normal she questioned her son Kyle. This the story about the love and quest of Denise’s son who is disabled.

The Scar I Bear

Author  J.L. Berg

two broken hearts can be healed with love/ this is the story about Dean and Cora. She is the nurse and found him at his worst, and he saw the pain in her eyes too. Both are suffering from pain. Should they stay together to share their pain?

The Bed She Made

Author Elicia Hyder

Sometimes your past mistakes haunt you in your present and future too, even when everyone has forgiven you. This is a book full of romance and with a happy ending but still, the main characters have to pass from some trials and heart breaks. This is the story of the girl who is bad and waiting for his ex to come back. She left her all bad habits and even the whole town forgive her and she got married and live a happy life, but still, the turns and trials are there in her life.

WarTime Brides And Wedding Cakes

Author Amy Miller

This is the dilemma about the lives of women during wartime. Audrey’s husband is at war and meanwhile she is working hard for her bakery. Audrey’s brother came back and now he is totally a changed man, but her fiancé still wants to marry him. George knew about his family secrets and he is a changed man now, but Maggie who works at the bakery still wants to marry him. All of these fams, ilies are associated directly or indirectly with the bakery and they have to pass through many heartbreaks and sadness.

Close enough to touch

Author Colleen Oakley

This is a story about the librarian Jubliee, who is hesitant to in touch with any because of her skin condition. Her rare skin disease could be fatal of skin-to-skin interaction. Then one day a man Eric who already has so many troubles in his life, became friends. This story is full of heartbreaking romance and full of humor also. 

Love’s Composure

Author  Priya Grey

With the passage of time love grew stronger. this is the romantic story of a couple who is about 40 years together Emily and Sebastian, this novel will surely shed your tears as there is a lot of fun, romance, and heartbreaks in their lives in this novel.

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