Best Vampire Romance Novels Worth Reading

Vampire Romance Novels are becoming of great interest to the reader in the past few years. These stories are full of suspense, adventure, love, and lust. They may consist of the struggle of love of humans and vampires in the dangerous world, love triangles, fight for love and enemies all these give an extra perk to the imagination of the reader who is fascinated by the immortals. Here are some of the top vampire romance novels that got the attention of readers in the past decade.

Best Vampire Romance Novels

We have shared the best list of best vampire romance novels of all time. Check out the list below. The list is consists of main, popular and latest novels. These books took the world by storm. Each of the given books sold over 100 million of copies worldwide.

Vampire Academy

Author: Richelle Mead

The book Vampire Academy written by Richelle Mead is unique in its own way. As the story was about Lissa who the princess of the vampire is and had the power of the earth magic. Rose was the friend of the Lissa and they consider their self has they free after being they are, and then both are caught again and send to the boarding school for royal training. Unfortunately, Lissa was hunted by the killer breed of the vampire. Rose the Lissa friend belongs to the species Dhampire half-human and half-vampire. She was the guardian at the training. Both are training hard in their school times along with their teacher and the Christian who is another Royal vampire. The story was all about the struggle of the vampire along with the game of romance. This is one of the best vamp romance novels.

Halfway Grave

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Halfway Grave is the novel from the series of the Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost., which gives the steady romance. The Heroine of the novel is Catherine Crawfield, who is half the vampire and devoted her life to killing the undead with the aim that one day she might kill her own father. Before he reached her father to kill him she was caught by the Vampire Hunting Bounty Boss and they make the aim to kill her father together. She was being trained on the vampire by the bounty vampire, during their training struggle both felt affection for each other.

The Merzitti Effect

The Merzitti Effect is another novel by Norah Wilson. Wilson is a good writer of vampire romantic novels about the doctor who is working on the vaccine that will cure the vulnerable attacks of vampires. He uses the samples of Merzitti because they are non-vampire. But the valiant enemy not only tries to destroy the vaccine but also the woman in Delano’s Life. There is a young nurse Ainsley who has some genetic gift that Delano wants more than her blood.

Moon Shade

The Moon Shade is the story about a curious girl named Sarah, who chases the three words that were whispered in her ear ‘Find me, Sarah. Then after this magnificent scenario, the entire life of Sarah has turned her to another side. She was restless and find someone who will help her to solve this puzzle, then he finds a man who helps her but with the time he disappears, then she started querying about her family’s past. This story full of curiosity is by the S.J. West.

Vampire Girl

Arianna is the girl who starts realizing that the monsters and demons are real they can attack and affect her life. As her mother falls into the comma, she accepted the fact that this is the pact by the devil who is coming to collect her not her mother. She sacrifices for her mother to save her and present herself to the misery of the devil. But after that, her life has become magical and beautiful. This story the Vampire Girl by Karpov Kinrade.


L.j Baker has another interesting novel the Undeniable is about Arianna and her brother Chase who have been living off with a small group of humans as the vampire attacks and took over the human world. Arianna was scared because she has thought that vampires are not good, but king Alexender was attracted to the Arri and things are getting more complicated with time.

Night Pleasure

Keyring was spending his immortal life and enjoying his dangerous life, as he is the most powerful and wealthy of his times. But it all turns around when he comes to meet the conservative Amanda. He starts developing feelings for that woman and he thinks that he has nothing to do with it just he wants the same attraction as he has for her. An engaging romance novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Angel Blood

Nalini Singh gives an enticing and dangerous novel of vampire romanc angels,  love lust. The Angel Blood is the story about Elena who is talented smart and fearless. Elena was forced to stay alive and complete the mission.

Dark Prince

Christine Feehan holds an attraction and charm in his book Dark Prince. Mikhail is the prince of the ancient species. Ravin is the psychic who is escaping from the publicity as she helps the police to capture the serial killer. Both Ravin and Mikhail meet and build affection among them but their romance is affected by the outsiders who want to destroy the Carpathians.


The exciting and unique novel Veiled by Stacy. Vampires have killed Vinx’s family and almost her also but somehow she manages to stay alive and now she has a mission to get over the vampires and take revenge. She was determined on her mission and try to survive in this situation.

The Vampire Heir

Juliana Haygert has a magnificent novel of The vampire heir. There was in a party of vampires for her undercover work. She became a slave of vampires and got attracted by prince Drake. She starts stirring her feelings for the prince but she has to make sure that her feelings could destroy them completely or save them for a lifetime. So it might not affect her ability to do work.

A strawberry

A strawberry by Lena Fox, in which  Kitty an actress takes a role on vampires sexy victim. The whole novel makes you querying about how she will accomplish her task, and that her blood is not the only thing offering to him. During all this, she has discovered so much about vampires and about herself. A strawberry is also one of my favorite Vampire Romance Novels which I love to read again and again.

More than Blood

More than Blood by Amanda Vyne. Gabrial is the investigator and investigating a murder. The Kel is the vigilante. Kel is furious that the house in which Gabriel is working is that house from which her parents are thrown out back in her childhood. Both Kel and Gabrial has to control their feelings and emotions in order to reach their goal.

The girls bite

The Girl’s bite a novel full of suspense and smitten By choli Neil is about a grade student named Merit who is being caught by a vampire but fortunately, she has made it to save her life, and now she has to start her new life.  The master of a new land found it complicated and comparable to his vampire life.


Twilight by Stephnie Meyer is about a girl Bella Swan, her life starts changing when she started to live with her family in Washington, where she met with  Edward Cullen who is a vampire. Both start developing feelings for each other as they want to stay a distance from each other but couldn’t help it.


The Undone by Brenda k Davies.   Abby has affection for Brian, who is a vampire. Suddenly Abby’s twin sister Vicky was missing then the Abby’s enlisted her finding and Brian wants to help her. Both have to fight their feelings who are starting to attract each other and brian wants her to feel safe in his company.

The Vampires Want a Wife

Andie M. Long,s Novel The vampires want a wife. Shelley runs a dating agency where she met with the vampire who was in search of a woman whom he wants to marry. For shelly at the beginning, it was quite surprising and interesting but she was astonished after knowing from her dating software that she, herself is the one who could be the soulmate of that vampire.

Forbidden Taste

Forbidden Taste by Jennifer Ashley. Mariah was working at  LAPD, where she had an assignment of finding a hidden vampire. Finally, she caught him and bring him to the police. But the situation was more fascinating when she realizes that he wants her and safe her, on the other way the Mariah just want to accomplish her task and wants to start a new one.

Darkest Temptation

The Darkest temptation by Rachel Van Dyken, Mason a werewolf was alone when he lost his partner. But his life has changed when he meets with the serenity of a vampire. Both have affection for each other, after that mason starts thinking that the evil and the goodness in him can manage this relationship.


Patricia A. Rasey’s beautiful novel Ryder is about the vampire Ryder who was sent to secretly infiltrate a cartel. but later on, he falls in love with the niece of the cartel. Gabriela was conservative as she just stays home to protect herself and her heart, but after meeting with Ryder she has a  thought that he might be different from the rest of all. Ryder also has the same feelings for her but things getting complicated when Gabriela came to know about what Ryder’s mission is.

Blond Bond

Blond Bond by Helen Hardt. Dante was in need of blood and attacks the blood bank. But the young nurse Erin caught him, she could put him in trouble by presenting him in front of the higher authorities but this young and attractive man melts her heart and she could not make it. 

A Gentleman

A Gentleman a story of love and affection by H.P. Mallory. Bryn had a dream about her family that all are being killed and she assumed that this is not just the dream but something unpleasant is going to happen. But when she meets the stranger Dureau she thought she has feelings for him but in between all she has sworn on all men. Now, what will happen between Dureau and her dream?

Vampires Faith

Rebecca Zanetti’s novel Vampires faith is full of action and vampires romance. Ronan is a vampire who landed into the land where all vampires are hidden but evil still exists. There a woman Faith was there, where the evil has to be effective both of them.

To Love a Vampire

Kayla and Zak her lover have a passionate and sometimes strange relationship, Both were stubborn and determined that both of them do not want to get over each other. This story is full of funny and sexy romance. This novel full of suspense and thrill To love a Vampire by Jody Offen.

Vampires Like It Hot

Vampires like it hot is a novel full of suspense by Lynsay Sands. Ruff and jess are on a mission. Ruff was being attacked by the vampires, before all she does not believe in all that. They do not realize that how the situation is and their relationship going critical.

Not His Vampire

Not his vampire a novel of suspense and thrill by  Annie Nicholas, is about a girl Trixie who believes in the magic word is not confirm about the vampires. Suddenly she met Victor who is in dragons dungeons for a century, she realizes some facts about the victors. After some time she came to know that both of them have the same mission.

Vampire Sire

Samantha has to solve a case with a magic sword. In this mission she is team up with her witch best friend Allison, they headed on to the haunted estate where they learn more about vampires. It seems like Sam has something more about her past than she knows about her. A thrilling novel Vampire Sire by J.R. Rain.


Caught an exciting novel by Julia Mills et al. The story is about the woman who has given her future in the hand of a vampire which is the great decision of her life. She steals the things and gave them to the poor children which is against the rules. Once she has been caught then the vampire man has promised her to bring her that life back once she has lived. Should she trust it or is it she being caught here?

The immortal Betrayal

The immortal Betrayal by the Martha Woods. This novel is about Tessa who had left the vampire’s family. There were so many reasons why she left them, but one of the reasons was that she broke the heart of Kristian. The vampire’s group wants to build the vampires again but they think that for their determination the presence of Tessa is really important. Once Kristian found where Tessa is but he also wants to save her at any cost. What will he do for Tessa as he is really involved in her and dreaming about her but he really wants to save her too? it did take vampire romance novels to new heights.

Compelled By The Vampires

Compelled by the vampires by Kellie McAllen.  Roric’s work on how humans think about the vampires and their opinion. Then she met with Caroline who was attacked by the vampire. She suddenly attracted towards her, later on, he came to know that her attacker also wants her. Now he started to work harder to get her. Now, who will get her first?

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Craving by Stephanie Summers is a book full of romance, a story about Sabine who left her vampire land because she was not happy with the agreement where she has promised to live with the one whom she does not love. It was the responsibility of Remy to look after her so that she may not escape from the town but intentionally he wants her to run. But at last, he has to bring her back now how will they stand their this relation of mixed feeling of love and hate.


Marked by Gwen Knight et al is a story about Amelie who wants to save her best friend’s life because she belongs to the family of the slayer. To save her friend she left her family and sell herself to the bidder. That bidder was the Eithen. Eithen has an infatuation with her but she was scared of being returning the same to him because he is a vampire.

My Viking Vampire

Krystal Shannan’s novel My Viking Vampire is about the Bailey who was running from the enemies. Where she met with Erick who is the vampire, he promised to save her. But later as the day passes both are getting into more trouble. In this situation will the Erick might be able to full his promise or they will fall in more danger. Krystal’s book on vampire romance novels is also known as the Vampire Temptations series.

Vampire’s Next Door

Vampire’s Next door by Angela Snyder. Jane Doe was in a comma when she wakes up she does not remember anything about her past. After being awake the things are getting more complex and tragic.  Her gorgeous neighbor came to help her and answer all the questions about her past. This is a mystery for Doe as she starts thinking that this man might belong to her past.

The Vampire’s Bride

The vampire’s Bride by Gena Showalter is about the Layel who has become rebellious after that he lost his beloved. He met with Delilah, she is the only when with whom he felt infatuation for her on a deserted island. Both were waiting for each other that who will take the first step to express the feeling. And they know that if any of them do not take a step then from here they will be separated.


Quin by D.B. Reynolds is the story about Quinn who wants to get rid of the vampires of Ireland so that there should create harmony between humans and the vampires. Eve is the girl who has no belief in the existence of vampires until the vampires killed her brothers. Now she has to help Quinn. Is it possible for both of them not to fall in love with each other?

Lost Soul

Lost Soul by T.G. Ayer a novel full of suspense as in this novel every character has secrets. The kai has lost her mother and sister and now she has decided not to do much. With this, she reaches the world of beasts and ghosts. Where she has to trust someone but she had never trust anyone before. But it is not possible in a strange world to survive so she has to trust someone. Then she finds Logan, should she trust him or not?

Forbidden Days

Forbidden days by C.L Quinn. This story is about the Park who lived in Los Angelos she has great life over there, despite all this she has some bad memory about her childhood when she was jacked in the car by the vampire. With the passage of time, things change for her. Her conception about life is also changing, with all these changes she came to knew that that carjacker came back and starts falling in love with her.


Madisyn Ashmore’s Novel Viper is of great interest who love suspense and romance. Caleb is the sexiest vampire, falls in for Abby who is the young lawyer, and shifted to Hollywood. With the passage of time, Caleb came to know that Abby has a dark secret. Will this be possible for Caleb to be in a relationship with Abby. Will the dark secret affect their relationship.

The Witch and the Vampire King

One of the very important reasons vampire romance novels is very popular among readers because the vampires are cool, suave, ominous, and sexy. The witch and the Vampire King by Anna Santos. Jessica is the witch who has been dreaming of his soulmate for a very long time. she has thoughts now that he might be dead. After she is much thrilled and wants him to be alive. When she see him and meet him, will that man will accept Jessica.


Echoes by Angela M. Hudson is the story of Ara filled with suspense, thrill, romance, and lust. Ara’s success and fight have many stories to reveal in this novel as she is struggling many times as she has been defeated so many times. But God has plans for her as she entered into a new story and war. In her life journey, she passed from many defeats and betrayals.

The Dark Promise

Nikki Landis’s novel the Dark Promise is about Mare and Andre. In this, Mare’s life is in danger and Andre wants to save her because he has smitten to her when He saved her from the attackers. Andre has to save her at every step and he knew that while saving her it might be dangerous for his own life as well.

Death of Gods

Death of Gods by Scarlett Dawn is a novel filled with mixed emotions of love, fun hatred war. The story is about the bloody vampire tyrant and the war which is unstoppable, it is set against bloody wars and their consequences as well.

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