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Calum Hood is a musician, bassist and guitarist from Sydney who has been a member of 5 Seconds Of Summer since their inception. Born in 1996 to parents that were both music teachers (I think they gave him drums when he was three), this Australian native knows how important it can be for young people growing up today with so many distractions around them all day long to find something special like being part o an actual band! Their latest album ” condemnable” charted #2 on iTunes charts here locally as well.

Calum Hood Snapchat is one of the most popular social media account on the planet right now. He has an enormous following. Hood’s stories always contain fun and laughter. Calum shares everyday life with his followers, including what he does in his free time. He always has a ton of creative ideas for posts that you will love to watch over and over again!

What is Calum Hood’s Snapchat?

Calum Hood Snapchat Username is: @chood5sos

Other Social Media Accounts

Twitter: calum5sos

Instagram:  calumhood


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