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Fairy books for Adults are of great interest to every age. These types of prenominal books are interested in every age, from childhood to adults. Even at the adult age, we are always fascinated by fiction and the fantasy to go beyond in our imagination.

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If yes then you are in the very right place. Here we have shared the best Fairy Books For Adults that you won’t be able to put down.

Covert Fae by  C.N. Crawford

The story is filled with the many characters of angels, fairies, dragons, vampires, and also with lots of sexual tension. The beautifully written story is about Ruby. Who is the dancer and the Fae but is hiding her identity because she wanted to save her sister. Her sister was kidnaped by dragons that’s why she has to hide her magical tricks even in the world of angels. But, those angels were also the ones who tore the world which was owned by the ruby once.

Guardians of the Magic by Elizabeth Hartwell  

The story left you anxious on every page to read what’s next. This story is full of excitement, romance, love, and also funny characters. It is about Eve who is the detective and investigating the cases. He was once caught in danger and four sexy and handsome Fae Cole, Tyler, Noah, and Jacob came to rescue her. With the passage of time, she has developed an unbreakable bond with them. They have to breach the veil between the realms.

Queen Fae by Jaymin Eve & Leia Stone

The Fairy story is full of twists and turns and danger. This story is surrounded by Arianna who is the queen of the wolf shifters. Violet is the best friend of Arianna. Unfortunately, she has been kidnapped by the other world. Arianna wants to rescue her. But there are so many bad guys and also the dark secrets who could bring her down. She decides to not rescue her friend. After a huge struggle, she met with Kade to take help so that she can perform her duty well and unite everyone against the winter court.

Fae by Jennifer Bene

This Fairy book is about love compassion, violence, dark themes, Gods, and goddesses. The story left the question for you that whether good can be originated from evil. The dilemma is about the love story of Fae and the Kieman. Fae had been suffering and thinks about the good exists or not for many years. Kiernan is a worrier and had wars for centuries but now he is getting tired of all these. He also can not stop himself from the girl who is the glass. Kiernan is fascinated by her bravery and her struggles.

Escaping Destiny by Amelia Hutchins

A fascinating story with lots of twists and turns with roots for the good guys. Synthia is now under the possession of the Horde king and she is not at all happy with this. Though she is believing that Ryder is coming to save her. Unfortunately, he could not make his promise because the syn might be doing not want him to come close to the king. And syn has also some other options in her mind to get rid off of these difficulties. She is also determined about her thoughts what she wants, and what to do in order to achieve it.

Realms of the Ghosts and the magic by  J.S. Malcolm

The interesting and quiet happening fairy book is about the veil witch named Cassie. Her talent is to bring paranormal situations into a legitimate business. Soon her life got the level of excitement which she always wanted that finding a girl who everyone thinks that she is missing and a Book of shadow that only opens for her.

Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm

The fairy tale story is about Sorcha who had a deal with the evil Fae so that she could save her people. She also has to travel far in order to find the forgotten king who once the king of the crumbling throne. Eamonn is known on the cursed Isle and is now the king of the fools and criminals. Sorcha’s next challenge is to convince him to take over the charge of the throne again which once was stolen from him. But before this, he helps her in her challenge he started to fallen for Sorcha and neither of them knew about this.

The dark Prince by  Emma V. Leech

The story of the trio, the human women, and the two fae princes. The Oceane is an artist who has created a piece of art on a jeweled dagger. Suddenly she is caught by the two fae prince both are dark princes and both fall for her at the same time. Coin and Laen are evil princes and both have their own agenda to who find themselves after Oceane. But from both one is the very dark prince and Ocean has to figure out which one it is, in order to break this love triangle, but she has to go through so much during all this.

Taunting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins

The unpredictable story which has frightening visions of the future and secrets on all side. Synthia and Ryder’s relationship is just normal. The last thing that has to happen among them is just to fall in love, eventually, it has happened. Their lives are not the same as it was just in a short time ago, and lots of unexpected things are happening around them. Neither of them knows what the ending of this story will be. According to my point of view, this is among the best fairy tale books for adults.

Hunted by Hazel Hunter

The paranormal story between Kyla and Ryan, the alpha heroes and the heroine with the heart, a lot of hot scenes that you never want to miss out on. Kyla and the sister are running from the biker gangs. Mean While they met with Ryan who is the Fae worrier, he was disguising himself lived in the camp.

Agent of darkness by C.N. Crawford &Alex Rivers

The story consists of a lot of interesting twists and turns, the happening dilemma is between the Cass and the Roan. The Fae king wants Cass to dead and she has a group with the rebel. She was traveling around to gain more magical powers. She acquired the nickname of the Mistress of Dread. But soon she has realized that these magical powers are too little for her as she could not make her life sustain or her relationship with the Roan.

Will of Fate by Samantha Britt

The mysterious story about Gwen who left her past and starts living a new life with lots f new goals. When she visits her brother and friends in the summer, she met with the Kalan. Kalan shares a different world to her about which she has no idea, but after getting into that world. She came to know about her reality, but knowing this could danger her life, so her main task is to prevent her identity to revealed so that the centuries old-war should seize and do not pop up again.

 Influential  Magic by Deanna Chase

The magical story with a love triangle, where the life of Willow becomes complicated because she is Faery but lives in the city of vampires. The unfortunate Willow met with her ex-boyfriend David who is the vampire now. she decided to saddled with him as a partner. It will become the most painful for her whenever she wants to touch him. David then becomes a double agent to save the life of willow, but the twist came when she met with her childhood crush Tailsen for her additional help. Now she is mid-way between the two men she could not decide who is the one with whom she wants to spend her life.

Shadow Play by Jill Ramsower

The interesting story is about Becca who heads to Ireland to full fill her dreams, but she was surprised when she came to know that it is being occupied by the Faeries, no one could see that but she could. Now her mission is to fight with that farriers and not let them destroy the earth.  During her mission she met with the two-man Lochlan and Ronan, both have dark secrets but they offer her help. But the Becca realized that their own secrets may be what is keeping her accomplish her goal.

Rogue Fae by C.N Crawford

The story of a determined and brave feral fae with lots of twists and turns. how the fae fight to achieve her goals as the complexities and difficulties are increases at every step. Ruby is a fae, she rescued her boyfriend Adonis and released the angels who were threatening to end life. After all this bravery act the enemies were determined to get to ruby. Suddenly a Metatron force comes to earth and makes Ruby’s mission more complex. How would ruby fight to achieve her goal and save her and earth from the enemies.?

City of Fae by Pippa DaCosta 

The great story between the fae and the human, with lots of sexy actions, well thought out story. This is the story of Alina, she has to sacrifices everything to protect and save what she loves. The fae High queen claims that the city is her property, the real battle against the Alina has begun, and there is only one keeper who wanted to help her. 

Legend of Fae by April Holthaus

A wonderful tale about discovering magic, mystery, some danger, and of course, love. Larid Galen was returning to home after the battle, in his way he met with Ella who is the Fae queen, she was injured, the Galen rescued her, but that time lass can not speak, it is difficult for him to return her to the place from where she belongs to. Ella has discovered some things about herself which totally change her life.

Court of shadows 

Author: C.N Crawford

A story is full of suspense that keeps on guessing you what next till the end of the book. The fae Gladiator wants to spend a night out with a girl. There she met with another Fae Ruadan, who wants to kill her. In fact, Ruadan knows the Wraith, is tasked to kill all of the outlaws. The gladiator is also the targeted one. In the end, lots of circumstances have been created which were totally out of control. She has to leave Ruadan. She has only two choices, one is to betray the ruadan, and the second is to just keep quiet and watch as her friend is killed, which is the most distressing full thing for her. 

Author: Sara C. Roethle

The mysterious story is about Finn who is awakened after the centuries and could not recognize the world where she is. the dark shadow is behind her and a sellsword Iseult, knew more about her past than herself, even he finds that there is a bounty in her head that was not discovered by her yet. To survive the Finn has to re-discover her magic that she does not want to, and she has to face her past that is getting close to her than she is comfortable with.

Author: Charlotte Royalin

The story where the feelings keep on changing due to the existence of the Fae. Penelope has been conflicting information about fae, then her fiancé captured one, which she called the golden fae, and they shifted to town. There were ambiguous things in her mind about her fiancé, and she could not make herself stop thinking about it. Penelope has developed some mixed feelings about everything, her fiancé, the golden Fae, and her feelings toward the new entity.

Regen by Cassie Greutman

The epic story is about the girl Trisha who was killed by her ex-boyfriend. Now she has to deal whit him, her life becoming bearable after she has found herself in the woods, wearing a bloody dress with a bullet hole. A council has been made to help her. They have given some instructions to her that she has to keep her job a secret from her foster parents. If she will be unable to do this then she will be sent to the place about which her mother always warns her. She herself does not want to happen.

Dark Glitter by C.M. Stunich

The darker novel is about Ciarah who is facing a lot of difficulties and problems, as she is torturing for years about the secrets, which she never had, and now she is in the alley with no memory of how she could escape from this torture. Eventually, she met with the gang of motorcycle riders, they even offer to show her secrets to her past. When this club rides the dead join to help them and the only mystery now is that their queen is missing. Now how will they meet with their queen, how will their mysteries solve/ to answer these questions, this novel is worth reading?

The Reviled by Cynthia A. Morgan

Ayla B has gifts he has thought been honing, her gifts including magic and ancient rites. The worst enemy of the Fey of the light is the Reviled, she also learns about that. Gairynzvl is the fey who was abducted by the Reviled, and now he is one of them who is treason. 

Denied by Hazel Hunter

The most thrilling novel is about the girl Kayla who lives without her family, but her real struggles start when the woman whom she thought her sister starts betraying her many times in more than one way. She feels solace in Ryan, as she did when things are going at bad. He moves all his Fae warriors to the down south. They escape from the dark Fae and Ryan now is determined to find about Kayla’s past and her secrets.

Cutie and the Beast by E.J. Russell

An interesting story about the fae and the humans, as it doesn’t always end well when the fae and humans meet. David learns this when he is sent back to a yummy psychologist’s office for the temporary assignment. Alun was not conscious because she knew that people have been running from him for ages, especially the humans. The Alun is drawn to David in the most unexpected way, and now it is the race against time to find about their secrets, and time to cross the fingers that which secret will reveal first and about who?

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