Best Funny Romance Novels Which Makes You Laugh Hard

Are you looking for funny romance novels to read? Then you are landed at the right place. Love, fiction, and romance are everyone’s favorite. Everyone loves to read love, romance with action, or love with suspense, but the romance with the humor gives an extra perk to the fiction. So, if you are in search of this type of romance that relaxes your mood with a bit of humor and romance, then here the list of a few worth reading novels of Funny Romance.

Best Funny Romance Novels List

Here we’ve done huge research to find the best book to suggest to our valuable viewers. Finally, we are rounded up with this list. Here we have shared all of the most popular, selling, and funny romance novels that make for the perfect escape from real life.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Author: Gail Honeyman

A couple of the two opposite personalities are thought to be the best form of the couple. This is the story of an outspoken girl, who has some social issues as she is so blunt, that’s why she has an issue surviving in the social circle she restricted herself. Once she met with the guy who works at her office, whose name is Raymond, he is the IT guy, he has totally opposite personality than that of Eleanor Oliphant. once they help an elderly man who fell on the sidewalk, after this, these three develop an unbreakable bond between them. And she thinks that Raymond is the best person who can heal her and overcome her weaknesses.

The Perfect Couple

Author: Elin Hilderbrand

One of the very important reasons funny romance novels are very popular among readers is it makes them happy. They forgot their tensions in life and laugh hard. The Otis Winbury’s wedding is thought to be the best wedding of the season, as the groom’s parents want to set the most lavishing wedding of the year at the most luxurious estates. All things were on time according to the plans but the unexpected twist arises, suddenly everyone becomes a suspect, bride’s mother who is the writer is also included in all this. But with all this mystery and suspense this novel is the perfect plot of the romance, with perfect beach plotting and summer festive.

How to Walk Away

Author: Katherine Center

This novel is full of humor, but along with joy it also gives hope, a lot of things have to learn by the center character name Margaret, who is struggling for her life with a perfect job and her dream wedding. Everything was going smoothly until an accident occurs, she has to deal with her fiancé who is begging her. sometimes we are afraid of the things we need the most.

The Kiss Quotient

Author: Helen Hoang

This mesmerizing novel is about a mathematician Stella, who has been working for maths, and there is nothing that remains in her life besides her job. But she turns 30 she starts thinking about real life and wants herself to indulge in the real-life scenarios of the dating world. There a guy Micheal came to her life just for the fun and he agreed to be her kisser and lover practice. As it was the first-ever experience of Stella, but with the passage of time the Stella realizes that there is something more than just dating Micheal, she feels about something more, and she realizes that there is something more in her life besides algorithms.

The Last Anniversary

Author: Liane Moriarty

This funny novel story is consists of the character Sophie, whose ex-boyfriend reappeared, Thomas. She shifts to her aunt’s house, where she faced the unsolved mystery, she entered into the luscious family where there is a mother who wants to escape from her regular life and an aunt who wants to make her own decisions. With all these characters this novel is full of romance, fun and also gives us the lesson that sometimes we have to build a happy ending of our story by own ourselves.

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

Author: Gabrielle Zevin

This story surrounded by the character A.J Fikry who owns the bookstore, it was also struggling, he went through the worst of his store when he experiences the theft of Edgar Allen Poe novels. After this mysterious package of the books, this was the opportunity for him to start his life at a new beginning. This funny novel along with fun and joy has many twists and turns.

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

Author: Christina Lauren

This is a novel full of suspense and untold love. Josh and Hazel were friends for a year. They start dating, they set up their selves for blind dates, they meet so many people but they were never convinced and satisfied with any of the dates. Both were unfamiliar with the emotions and the love that has been developed between them, but both were hesitant to tell each other about their affection.

The Hating Game

Author: Sally Thorne

Lucy and Joshua are co-workers at the same publishing company both are in the same positions at the same company. They both are peers but they hate each other, both have different conflicts, their battle was usually on his serious personality and her bright clothes. The main twist arose when there is a time of promotions, the main tension begins with each other, they were helpless to understand whether they really hate each other or they start developing intimacy for each other.     

Big Sexy Love

Author: Kirsty Greenwood

A heartwarming and feel-good novel. A dilemma of the Olive, who want olive alone and have dull life but she is satisfied with her life. The main twist occurs when her best friend Birdie is at her last breath at wants Olive to track down Chuck her first love, but he is across the country Manhattan. Olive obliges and on her way she met another man who facilitates her journey, but she can’t seem to find chuck anywhere. It takes a big faith to accomplish the goal.

Love and Other Words

Author: Christina Lauren

This is the dilemma of the childhood friends Macy and Elliot, they have a long history of their past. They were reunited as adults, this reunion was a difficult time for them because they have to confront their past, because Macy broke the heart of Elliot, this was the reason behind Macy’s long silence about everything. they start their first reunion as the stranger, and they have to tackle the issues that have complicated their love relationship.

Small Town Rumors

Author: Carolyn Brown

This is the story between the odd personalities, it makes you believe in love again. It is both funny and heartbreaking. Jennie went to New York city but fail there. She returned to small-town Texas and start working harder to get herself back to her feet, she was so determined so that the rumors about her can stop. Along the way she met Rick, who is the local farmer he is the modest dreamer, and their relationship blossoms.

Matchmaking for Beginners

Author: Maddie Dawson 

Marnie wants a settled life, a husband, children. She is about to get it until her marriage ends after only two weeks. After that, she inherits her husband’s aunt’s business of matchmaking. Then she realizes that she is also the host who is running from the love. This is the story about the one who pushes more to love is the one who needed it the most.


Author: Staci Hart

A novel worth reading with comedy, romance, and heartbreak. The dilemma between Val and Sam. The Val meet sam the first thing which inspired her was that he is good at playing Bass. He played it flawlessly but later she observed that he is also good at playing with women. Van is confident and sam is also as good with the inner as he is on the outside. When Val starts to let the sam indulge in her things, she was surprised that his action was so good that they make her feel differently, she thinks that she is in love with him, but actually, she doesn’t want to be.

Mr. & Mrs. American Pie

Author: Juliet McDaniel

 This story is about the journey of Maxine, with sweet-salty and humor, an elegant heroine, and the story that left you unforgettable. Maxine got divorced and after being divorced she moves to a town in Arizona. She decided to take part in the Mrs. American Pie contest, to be part of that contest she needs a family, and at that time she was divorced, how she manages to full fill this with a life full of mess that time.

How to stop Time

Author: Matt Haig

the funny, quirky novel is the one worth reading, the novel about love across ages defines well. Tom is a man who is alone from last many years, and the society that protects the people like him has a rule that they should not fall in love. Tom also doesn’t fall in love because of a secret he has. But finally, he decided to live in the future and forget about his past. He wants someone to be smitten. This novel takes funny romance novels to new heights.


Author: Rainbow Rowell

This dilemma is by Beth and Jennifer, both working at the place where their emails were monitoring and they knew about this. But still, they share their feelings, lives, and humor of their day through emails. Lincoln is their monitor he monitored their emails and enjoyed them. By this time he starts falling for Beth and he is just so unsure what to do next. Should he approach Beth directly?

Once Upon a Real Good Time

Author: Lauren Blakely

The breathtaking and funny novel is about Campbell who is the rock star and the music teacher for the sons of Mackenzie. The two of them shared a passionate night, but after this arrangement, the situation is quite different for both them, both were single parents they have to fight for the betterment of their children as well, so they set rules before the lessons of his son begin. But it wasn’t going long, they want to break them one at a time. What will the track of life will go for both of them?

The Secret Diary of Hendrick Groen

Author: Hendrik Groen

The novel reveals that age is just the number a romantic, funny, and heartwarming story of Hendrick Groen, who works hard to fill his past indignities. At the age of 83 years old, he is a curmudgeon who is delighted and causing trouble at his nursing home. There a sassy widow came in next door, Hendrick moves toward her with dignity.

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

Author: Helen Simonson

Major Pettigrew after being retired, life is filled with honor, great memories along a cup of tea. But after the death of his beloved brother, he felt lonely, then suddenly he met with the Pakistani shopkeeper who lived in his village. And a bond of friendship has been created, both have lost their spouses, and their relationship goes more than just a friendship, but the town considers him to be the “townie” and her to be the permanent outsider as she belongs to Pakistan. Will, their relationship survive in this type of situation.

Flirting with Forever

Author: Kendall Ryan

A dilemma between the friends to the lover, a novel full of romance, sexy and funny. Cam and Natalie are friends for many years, the cam has affection for Natalie, but Natalie keeps on ignoring this. One night the cam was so drunk and they got to the bed together, the Natalie make herself felt that this is just for the first time and she want to forget it but for the cam its forever. Will Natalie accept the cam or will she go for someone else to be her better half? This is one of the best-selling funny romance novels in the past year.

Someday, Someday, Maybe

Author: Lauren Graham

This is the story of the struggling actress Franny who came to New York and starting searching for opportunities, she has set a deadline of three years to accomplish her goal. During these years she has never missed any part, but she also has struggled not to mention a colleague in her acting class who is interested in her, her father is also forcing her to come home back. She was not sure what to expect further, the novel full of romance and suspense which make you keep on guessing what will be the story is on the next page?

The Café by the Sea

Author: Jenny Colgan

Funny and heartwarming story, about Flora, who wants herself to be busy in the hustle-bustle in the life of London, that s why she left her boring cottage in Scotland. But her past keep on chasing her and somehow the fate brings her back to Scotland, where immediately she found a café and be the owner of that café, the new chapter of her life has been beginning from this, and her present terms got attached to her past.

Instant Temptation

Author: Jill Shalvis    

A touchy story with a lot of humor and touchy scenes, T.J and Harley know each other for many years now both are joined at the venture of study a rare coyote. They have some sexual tension in between them, and that was so obvious but they themselves were not sure about it. At their adventure, it was a difficult time for both of them not to give up on their temptation.

High Fidelity

Author: Nick Hornby

Rob owns a music store, he loves to have soft rock music, he has a girlfriend Laura, he always wanted to sleep with someone with whom he has a recording contract but her girlfriend left him for another man. After that, he lives and loves for an extra hobby, but suddenly Laura came back into his life, it was so surprising for him that he started to feel something for her again, but this time he won’t just more than just a relationship, he wants the relationship with wife kids and with his music.

One Perfect Kiss

Author: Jaci Burton

 This novel is about Josie who is an English teacher at Hope, Oklahoma, and Zach is the football player and also the coach at Hope. Zach is a little irritated because of the student’s grade, but he can’t help it, he keeps on going with his football practice. But by that time he also affectionate by Josie, he knew that her heart is not ready to accept anyone in her life because she has heartbroken in her past, but Zach wants to heal her and wants her.

Life of the Leash

Author: Victoria Schade

This is the story full of twists and turns about a girl name Cory whose life before meeting with Charlie, was surrounded by the dogs only. She owned a successful dog trainer business and a pit bull is the only dog in her life. But Charlie came to her life as a client she immediately attracted him, but unfortunately, he was already taken, it was distressful for her, meanwhile, she was upset with her friend Eli, and things getting difficult for her. This was the time when Cory ahs to decided what she wanted in her life, and figure out what is good in her life and why and whom should stay with her/

The Good Luck Charm

Author: Helena Hunting

This is full of fun and sexy novel, the dilemma is surrounded around the characters, Lilah and Ethan. Lilah and Ethan once were the couple, but later they got separated. After a few years, Ethan came back to her life and want a patch up, he convinced her that he wants her and his Hockey career back in his life, because his happiness belongs to only these two things right now. But Lilah does not want all this to happen again, she considered all to be just undisclosed, and Ethan did his hard to prove her wrong.


Author: Christina Lauren

The epic story is about Holland who is too shy and attracted towards the street musician Calvin. They had never met or have conversations with each other since Calvin saved her from the Would-be mugger. After that, they introduced themself to each other. Holland arranges an audition for Calvin to her uncle. To speed up their relationship she had to bring a project for him. But laterally she got to know about his secret that, he is living in the country illegally, but somehow she agreed to marry him so that he get nationality. They got married but soon they realize that their marriage is just more than convenience.

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake

Author: Amy E. Reichert

The dilemma depicts Food as a source that brings people closer. Lou is the owner of the French restaurant and the AI is the food critics. Once the AI came to her restaurant on a very bad day, he had food there and made scathing critics of Lou restaurant, because of that review the restaurant starts to flounder. When they meet in person, both do not know each other at first then start falling in love with each other. AI does not know who she is, when the secrets reveal will this secret affect their relationship?

By the Book

Author: Julia Sonneborn

The short story about professor Anne, and her ex-fiancee just became the new president of hat college where she is the professor. Anne is in the trouble from all sides, she has planned to write the book, a father to take care of, and start building a new interest on the horizon. She sees Adam and she could not help it but she realized that her interest in him is not completely lost. By the Book is also one of my favorite funny romance novels which I love to read again and again.

Breaking the Rules

Author: Crystal Kaswell

The story about love, affection described in a unique way of fun, emotions. When Emma fall in love with her brother’s best friend, she was unfamiliar with the results. Hunter can’t stop thinking about her, it was so difficult for him, not to touch her, not to kiss her, he can not think to live without her.

My Italian Bulldozer

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Paul is a well-known cookbook writer, he was really upset when his girlfriend leaves him. He needs to relax his mind first, for that purpose his editor sends him to Italy to finish his latest cookbook, there his car broke down. A new friend in Italy suggested he buy a bulldozer instead of a car, it’s quite ridiculous and old enough. There he meets an American girl, from where his charming romance starts, and there are many reasons which make his life colorful and things get back to the right track. check out

Finally, now you know our all recommendation of funny romance novels and books. If you are looking for more such novels stay connected with us. Whenever we found a new novel that is among the best in selling and reviews. We will share it with you. It’s the perfect way to find even more funny romance novels.

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