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Are you looking for MC Romance Novels to read? Then you are landed at the right place. Here you will get steamy, fast-paced Motorcycle Club Romance. You will find a lot of Men’s stealing your heart in the novels.

It’s the cliché that every girl like bad boys, who stands, fight and love for his girl without any fear. If you are interested in these types of fiction then these bike rider romance novels are worth reading.

MC Romance Novels List Love On The Open Road

Reaper’s Property

Author: Joanna Wylde

This novel is full of romance and hot dirty talk. This dilemma is about the girl Marie who was abused and disgust by her ex-husband. She has no interest in any man and now she only wants to focus on herself. The second character is about the bad boy name Horse. He is a biker and very Handsome. The horse is courageous and about what he wants. And what should be his next move in life?

All of that sudden he starts having affection for Marie. Want to make her smile but Marie doesn’t want all of this at this time. She continuously refuses all this and is not attracted to Horse. Meanwhile, Marie’s brother caught by the Mc Reapers Club, and now she has been thrown into an entirely new world. To help her brother she has to take help from Horse. So that her brother can get rid of all this situation. This is very difficult for her to be smitten at a time with a man when she really does not want a man. She has to do for her brother. This story is full of humor and romance in the whole Novel.

Gunner: Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club

Author: Jesse Cooke 

This book is full of wild rude biker suspense and romance. The Gunner is a bike rider who fought longs for his family but still he is in trouble, as he survives through so much during his lifetime. His past is somehow filled with some dark secrets, from whom he never gets rid of.

Tamara a blunt, tough-spoken girl comes into his life. She is a tall, beautiful, attractive lady with blue eyes biker battling his demons. He is also wanting to have a family because before this he never had this. Tamara and Gunner fall for each other. They built a strong relationship of love and bind each other with their affection. Like any romantic story, both fall in love and could not resist falling for each other. But they really know that this love could tear them apart. Their story is full of romance and also makes you cry.  Gunner did his best to protect and love Tamara. This story is full of grit romance and all twist and turns that a good novel should have. Making love seems to give an extra charm to the romantic novel.

Overhaul: Boneyard Brotherhood MC

Author: Amber Burns 

There was no reason to live when the Iraq war vet in. Sid decided to leave that place. Suddenly, the whole life comes to a change when he is taken into Boneyard Brotherhood. He finds his family in bike riding as he did it with passion. But still, something is missing from his life. Sid had a dynamic character man, he is emotionally and physically so wounded and unstable.

He is the man of mixed spices, on one side he gives the reflection of a bad boy and on the other side, he has a soft and sweet corner in his heart.  Meanwhile, she met with the Madi who is gentle and soft-spoken. She came to the club to serve a divorce to one of the members of the club. But Sid was instantly infatuated by her, but Madi was not sure about to get attracted by the bike rider or not.

This story is filled with love and romance, but there are always some twists and difficulties when two people want to smite with each other, they must face some hurdles. This story is the complete package of love, sadness romance, and wild smitten of the couple with lots of supporting characters which make the story interested for the readers.

Talon The Road Rebels Book 2

Author: Savannah Rylan

This is the story of talon who is a member of the Road Rebels Motorcycle Club, he is a soft-spoken man but unfortunately forbidden by the women, whom he desired for. Gemma is the sister of the Snake, who is also a member of a motorcycle club, and he also doesn’t want her sister to be smitten by the Talon. Gemma is a college student at that time, and Talon controlled his emotions for a long time.

After the time period of four years, Gemma comes back, after waiting for her so long, talon could not help her feelings to get what he desired. This time Gemma’s brother can also not stop him to get what he wants to. Talons’ only family is the biker club so in order to achieve the Gemma he could do anything, he can make himself bad for her too. 

This story is full of drama and plenty of actions. The best part about this story is that there is a lot of background of each character, and each character built on the reader at the perfect time, how talon makes himself different from Gemma. They grew their love of teenager and try harder for it, which make it exquisitely beautiful.

Down & Dirty: Hawk (Dirty Angels MC Book 3)

Author: Jeanne St. James

Kiki is a good-looking, decent, and attractive lady and she is also a well-reputed lawyer. She is the lawyer on retainer for the Dirty Angels MC. She used to date with the well-established man of her own world, but she has been up to the bad company when she started taking cases of the criminals and she has to visit the jails to investigate the case. 

Kiki’s life has ups and down when she met the Hawk VP of DAMC and fell in love with each other. The hawk could not fit into the life of a Kiki, as the Hawk is the bad boy with lots of tattoos, with giant size, tall, and 6 pack abs. both have a great attention for each other when they have love intentions, it is totally unresistible for both of them to fall for each other.

This story is a complete package of romance, smitten, and action. This story defines the challenges and difficulties faced by the kiki and  Hawk during their relationship. Their hardship starts when there is a rival of the MC begins.

Hell’s Knights (The MC Sinners Series Book 1)

Author: Bella Jewel 

Addison had a very hard life, her mother got murdered in front of her, the major support of Addison, her father is absent in her life. These all made are so scared, now she only wants a person who could take care of her and support her, with whom she felt her self comfortable, that could only be her father, who is president of the  Hell’s Knights Motorcycle Club.

She had never imagined or think about any other man in her life, but a person Cade who is tall and handsome, but also is a bad boy. He is a member of the MC club. Addison only fanaticizes this type of character in her dreams, but when she met with Cade she realized that he is supportive and protective, these are the qualities that attracted Addison towards the cade and she got smitten with him immediately.

This story is full of suspense, hardships and shows how Cade supports Addison who had faced many hardships in her life. Also, this is an intense story.

Clutch (Savage Disciples MC Book 1)

Author: Drew Elyse 

This is an epic story between different characters with a lot of suspense and possessiveness about your partner which every second person wants from his/her partner. This also proves that; love is possible when life is tough and rough with you but you still want to be gone through in a good manner.

The dilemma is about the girl Cami, she thought that her life is all set, and there is nothing left that she ever felt for. Her dad is the president of the motorcycle club, and it is the second home for her. After finishing college, she got a man Nate, she got married.

She spends a life which she wants to, but there are so many fake friends and drama she passes through, and she realizes this with time and she got disguised by all this, Nate also cheats on her. Meanwhile the Gauge, club brother of her father. He observes the sadness and emptiness in her life trying to fix these deficiencies and he was also determined to get her out from the mess of her married life.

Mean Machine

Author: Joanna Blake

Love reaches you at the most unexpected time in the most unexpected way, and you can not resist it. Mason is a bad boy, with an edgy personality, He is possessive and protective, but he thought that he is enough for himself and that he does not want anyone in his life. But a woman Michelle came she is in search of a job, she is the mother of one child, she is a beautiful and elegant lady. 

Both meet each other and never thought that their lives reached such a beautiful turn. At first, both resist their feelings for each other because mason thought that he is meant to be a loner, before many years he never had physical interaction, and Michelle and her daughter have a frightening past and it is a very awkward situation for her to fell in again for another man.

Michelle is a soft-hearted and kind woman, she could not realizes the feelings of Mason just from his appearance, but now mason has great feelings for her, and he only wants to have her on his bed, but the story goes far from just only to have physical interaction. mason is a person with the hardcore outside but has inner soft, he also has the soft corner not only for Michelle but also for her daughter. Michelle also finds herself smitten with him because after a very dark era of her life she felt the essence of love once again.


Author: Jayne Blue

If you are looking for a dark romance novel with a strong female heroine, then this novel is worth reading it. This is the love story of the bad boy and the bad girl. Scarlett is an independent woman. She takes her own decisions. Scarlett not up to falling for any man, but love reaches her when she is least expected it. Sly is a strong, Handsome, and attractive man, with a dark past.   

Scarlett becoming uncomfortable with her job because she starts realizing that she can not focus on her work, because she is getting involved with the Sly whom she has hired to assassinate. Sly also falls in for her at the most critical time when there is an attack at the members of his club, someone wants to take charge.   

Sly is a tough and attractive man he has skeletons in his closet, Scarlett is also a beautiful woman. They fall for each other hard when both of them realize that they perfectly satisfied both physically and emotionally. Their love proved to be stronger than they actually think that their good power could resist.

Nickel (Fallen Lords M.C. Book 1)

Author: Winter Travers 

Karmen’s brought up was not that simple and beautiful, as her mother left her when she was too young, and her father was in a prison, her grandmother brought up. She is a nurse, she faced so many hardships and burdens in her life but never spoken up about her difficulties. She came to the love turn of her life, when she never expected, as she never wants to be involved in such a relationship because she has a very reserved and shy personality.

But later she met Nickel, who is a bad boy but has a strong personality of soft and respectable features. Nickel is the complicated biker, whose grandmother is cared for by the Karmen, suddenly he found infatuated with the Karmen he started spending more time with her grandmother where he can spend time with the Karmen as well. 

This is the story about the two personalities, who are poles apart, as Karmen is shy and reserved in nature, while the nickel is an active and out-spoken person. If you want to read a novel about clean romance, love affection, then you should go for this novel.

Own the Wind

Author: Kristen Ashley

This story is filled with romance in chaos-filled in the life of shy cage and Tabitha Allen. By the end of the story, you find a lot of suspense and secrets to reveal with lots of affection, hatred, and romance.

This is a dilemma about Tabitha Allen, who is lived in the environment of the motorcycle club Chaos. Chaos is owned by her father, and chaos had her back ever. She is a beautiful and smart lady. There was one person in the motorcycle club who was different from the rest of the members of the club the Shy cage, he been very protective and friendly, he helped at her worst when life tore her apart he was there to help her and compose her.

Shy cage was reserved, but instantly Tabba feel something more about him and want to smite him, but she was not ready for all this but when Tabba openly expresses her feelings about him that she wants him more than just a friend, Shy assumes himself the luckiest person on the earth to have her.


Author: T.M. Frazier

Sometimes to have a new start we have to let go of our past. This story gives you a great lesson. This is the story of a girl Doe who has no memories of her past,  she was so anxious about all this chaos. Meanwhile, there was a rough tough, with the criminal background a king came into her life.  King’s future is dependent on the circumstances and the Doe is still between her past and present what will happen when opposite personalities are supposed to be with each other.

Magnum: A Dark Knights MC/Dirty Angels MC Crossover

Author: Jeanne St. James

This dilemma is between the two opposite personalities, although they have opposite personalities they also belong to their rivals MC groups too. As she is the daughter of one MC group and he is the biker from a different group. He is hyper and bad. Lives his life the way he wants to. On the other hand, she is young and innocent. She came back from the MC group. What will happen when two different personalities and rivals come closer? Whether they will meet forever or will they leave each other? This going to be very interesting for the readers to reveal a lot of suspense.

Seize Me

Author: Crystal Spears

This novel contains the strong love and romance alphas, a complete package for the readers who love to read action. This novel is recommended for adults, as it contains strong content like abuse and some slags too. But still, its story is worth reading it.

This is the story of Winter, who is the obedient daughter of her father. She belongs to criminal family background. She is the beloved daughter of her father because she had never said no to her father. But one day she decided to leave the town along with all her savings because her father is offending her at some issues. She only had her friend Lana with her, both dances so well so she decided to make this their profession.

During her dancing era, she met with the Braxxon Breakers. He is the president of the Breakneck. She realized that her whole life is seized. The Braxton disrupts her life completely, as she thought that it is all that from which she is running for very long. But also thought that this is all that she wants to have in her life.

What will happen when she will be caught by her father, he will make her his prison. Will she agree to have a relationship with the rival of her father. A lot of relationships, a friendship that helps her during her critical time will break or still with her to help her.


Author: Jamie Begley

This novel is best suited for the mature audience, as its content is strongly abusive and violent, if these things offend you, then go for some other novels with lighters alpha.,

This story is about the Stud, the new president of the Blue Horsemen. Everyone was sick from him, due to her bitch attitude. The stud at first realizes that he might be able to control herself. But, after the passage of time things even goes to the wrong side. To win the battle of genders he might think that one day could heel that bitchy nature woman.

The main objective at that time for the stud is that he has to prove himself as the president of the club. But the attitude of the gender and her crew are not helping him. The only way to handle is that he has to use his body for that woman. But will this be fruitful? will he achieve his goal and won the battle? Or he will lose the battle and fall for this woman more hardly.


Author: Chelle Bliss

This dilemma is between the two Tamara Gallo and the rough and tough biker. Tamara knew that something is missing from her life. She wants some adventure in her life. Finally, she decided to look for the biker. But that biker thought that his life is complete with the roads and brotherhood. There is no space for anything left. Until he met with the innocent Tamara. She makes him realize that the love of a good woman is missing from his life, and he is ready to tame for her.

A sweet love story with beautiful twists and turns and a clean romance.

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