Paula Hawkins Novels

Paula Hawkins Novels are the most popular in the world. Hawkins was a journalist for fifteen years before writing her first novel. Hawkins, born in Zimbabwe and grown up there as well. When she was just 14, Paula moved to London for further studies. But, since then she has been living in London. Her first novel was The Girl on the Train. Over 23 million copies sold out. Her book was translated into 40 other languages. The Girl on the Train became an international bestselling book with 23 million copies worldwide sold.

Her second stand-alone novel Into the Water also shot onto New York Times’ Best Sellers list within days of its release following by similar success globally which spent twenty weeks at Sunday Times’s No1 spot .

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Paula Hawkins Novels

Here is a list of Paula Hawkins best-selling books;

  1. The Girl on the Train
  2. Into the Water
  3. A Slow Fire Burning
  4. Héroïnes
  5. Strangers on a Train

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