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Tameka Harris is an American female member of R&B group Xscape and a singer, songwriter, and TV personality. She’s had several hits and was nominated for Grammy Awards in both R & B and Soul Train Music Awards. She is an Author & Publisher as well, Award under the category Pop music with No scrubs being one such song from her impressive list. Tiny also appeared on TV reality shows Tiny and Toya (2004). In this show, they showed how hard work leads someone into success but it wasn’t easy at times because life isnít always fair when you’re trying your best every day just like Tamesha did without giving up until finally achieving what so many people dream about having.

Tiny Harris Snapchat is one of the most popular social media account on the planet right now. She has an enormous following, and her Tameka Harris Snapchat stories are always filled with fun and laughter. Her everyday life with her followers, including what she does in her free time. She has a ton of creative ideas for posts that you will love to watch over and over again!

Tiny Harris Other Social Media Accounts

Twitter: TinyMajorMama

Instagram: tinyprettyhustle


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Tiny Harris Snapchat Name

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