Umera Ahmed Novels

Umera Ahmed Novels are the most popular in Pakistan. Pakistani female writers are famous due to their novel writing skills. They know how to capture the attention of the reader. Umera Ahmed is one of them, she is one of the best novel writers, as a lot of her novels are featured as drama on television. Her novels are captivating because her novel not only has romance and fantasy but also have religious aspects which are inspiring for the young generation.
The list of camera Ahamd top Novels which are an all-time favorite and top-rated.

Aab e Hayat آب حیات
Zindgi Gulzar Haiزندگی گلزار ہے
Man o Salwaمن و سلویٰ
Peer-e-Kamilپیر کامل
Koi Bat Hai Teri Bat Meinکوئی بات ہے تیری بات میں
Aks عکس
Band Kawaron Ke Aageبند کواڑوں کے آگے
Doraha دوراہا
Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thayہم کہاں کے سچے تھے۔
Bus ik Dagh e Nidamatبس ایک داغ ندامت
Aao Hum Pehla Qadam bhartay Hainآؤ ہم پہلا قدم بڑ ھاتے ہیں
Iman Umeed aor Muhabbatایمان امید اور محبت
La Hasilلا حاصل
Maat Hony Tkمات ہونے تک
Main Ny Khuwabon Ka Shajar Dykha Haiمیں نے خوابوں کا شجر دیکھا ہے
Meri Zaat Zara e Benishanمیری ذات ذرہ بے نشاں
Sehar Aik Istara Hai
Thora Sa Aasman تھوڑا سا آسماں
Amar Bailامر بیل
Qaid e Tanhaiقید تنہائی

Best Umera Ahmed Novels

Qaid e Tanhai

Qaid e Tanhai by Umera Ahmed is a novel full of romance between a couple Moeez and Aisha, but their love and affection are being affected by the social norms. It contains Social romantic scenes and the moral reforming ending. Moiz and Aisha are happily married and are in love with each other but the Moeez has to support his family so due to economic issues and crisis Moeez has to depart abroad to support his family, but Aisha was not happy with this decision of Moeez. How this separation will affect the relation between Moeez and Aisha in the end. This will be of great suspense and give an insight into the family of those working abroad. How their life suffers.

Kankar کنکر

Kankar is another remarkable social romantic story by Umera Ahmed. This depicts the side of the social issues that the couple are in great love and affection but how men are not accepting the progress of the woman heart fully and happily and this jealousy results in domestic violence. This story gives us a lesson about should the woman bear the violence given by her husband or should take a stand on it.

Peer E Kamil پیر کامل

Peer e Kamil is one of the best novels by Umera Ahmed. It is a great story about true Love the Love of God and his prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). This novel is inspiring for the readers how the love of Allah will change the life of a person. The story revolves around the character Umma Hashim and Salar Sikandar. Salar belongs to an elite class and has no interest in Islam and not religious at all, and the Umma goes out of the home just because she realized that the only true religion is Islam and her life completely changed after this. As the Ummama and the Salar are completely different from each other but how they met with each other. The beautiful inspiring story with a happy ending is worth reading it.

Aab e Hayat آب حیات

Aab e Hayat is another second highly recommended novel for reading by Umera Ahmed, basically, it is the second part of the peer e Kamil. Once you finished reading Peer e Kamil this Aab e Hayat is a must-reading. Aab e Hayat is also the most likable novel by the audience. This includes so much Islamic information and romantic scenes. this novel describes how life after marriage will change between the couple, and which steps should be taken in light of Islamic teaching if there is any mishap or problem occur in your life.

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Zindgi Gulzar Hai زندگی گلزار ہے۔

Zindgi Gulzar Hai is also the top-rated Umera Ahmed Novel. This the story of an enthusiastic Girl name Kahaf who belongs to a backward family, but she is courageous enough to achieve her life goals. She went to highly reputed institutes to achieve her life goals. But, she also has some desperation in her life due to her father behavior. How her desperation turns into happiness which lasts forever in her life. A great story about love and the social issue that the father needs a boy that makes him feel proud instead it was her daughter who made him proud.

Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan میری ذات ذرہ بے نشاں

Meri Zaat Zara Benishan is the mega-successful novel by Umera Ahmed. After this novel, Umera Ahamad is being awarded by the Best writer. This story is about forgiveness and taking no revenge when you are in charge. The story is about a girl who is always being hated by her family just because of a little misunderstanding. This misunderstanding leaves her life with many difficulties and problems, but she faced all the difficulties and stay determined her whole life.

Amar Bail امر بیل

The most immense and heartbreaking story of Amar bail written by Umera Ahmed is also the most mesmerizing story, which sheds the readers into tears at the end of the story. The beautiful story is surrounded by the two-character Aleezay and Umar Jehangir. The Umar Jahangir had great affection and love for Aleezey but he always refuses to confess this to Aleezey. There is another guy in this story the Junaid who wants to marry Aleezey. Umar gives suggestion-top to Aleezey that marrying Junaid will be happy. The mystery arises the Umar Jahangir got Murdered and his murder is yet not evolved that who murdered Umar. Death and the separation between Aleezey and Umar made the reader emotional.

Some of these Umera Ahmed Novels are the biggest hit in television dramas as well.

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