Best Urdu Novels List of All Time

Best Urdu Novels

In this article we are going to share the Best Urdu Novels list you will love to read. As you know reading is only a great way to get away from mundaneness. Everyone wants to Read Good Books. Because no one wants to waste time on boring novels. Here we bring a bunch of great Urdu novels ever written. We have shared some of the great Urdu novels of all time, including romance, fiction, and learning books. Find the one which suits your interest.

10 Top Best Urdu Novels

Peer e Kamil

Umera Ahmed is a writer of Peer E Kamil. This novel is considered one of the best novels by any mentor. Peer e Kamil is a novel on two souls. They unite after facing a lot of difficult situations in life. This novel teaches us how to stay on the right path even if we are suffering from pain. Forgive others and live life. This Peer E Kamil book gives us a lesson of life that it’s not only about success but getting success on the right path.

La Hasil

La Hasil is one of my favorite novels. It is written by Umera Ahmed. She is a top drama writer in the Pakistani drama industry. It is a story of regrets. In this novel, the character tries to move out of the dirt. Putting hard efforts to find the right path of self-rectification. When someone is helped by the Almighty then nothing matters to him, even his life.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

This novel is based on a school teacher. Her husband’s breakup left her with three kids. All of them are daughters, that’s why he left. Married to another woman to have a boy. The story is focusing on gender equality. Daughters can also perform as sons.

Shehr e Zaat

Umera Ahmad is a writer of Shehr-e-Zaat. This story revolves around a girl named Falak. She is a daughter of a very rich family. One day she met a handsome boy Anser, at a friend’s wedding. Anser belongs to a middle-class family. Falak instantly falls in love because he is handsome.

Amar Bail

Umera Ahmad is a writer of Amar Bail. Umera Ahmed wrote a real-based love story. The story is following Pakistani culture because it takes place in this land. While reading the story you will see the relationship of imbalanced wealth, family status, and power.


One of Pakistani best novel of Farhat Ishtiaq based on a true love story. It’s a very emotional and heart-touching novel. A story of two cousins. First, they married suddenly and then break up on some misunderstanding They meet again after 4 years. The Love towards his (main character) daughter was shocked by his mother.

Darbar E Dil

This novel is written by Umera Ahmed. The novel is consists of a love story in which Mehar is a very big follower of Islam and a Believer of Allah. She doesn’t believe in Love. According to her only stupid people fall in love. But, when she met with Murad, She immediately fell in love. Murad is the opposite though and also belongs to an upper-class family. What happens when their love angle will complete? Will murad do a nikah with Mehar? Read the novel to get the answer to these questions.


It is one of the Best Urdu novels in the world. Humsafar is written by Farhat Ishtiaq. The novel got so much popular that they created a TV drama for this novel which became the top 10 most viewed dramas in the world. It is based on the story of two cousins. They fall in love with each other and get married. But, ended up with a breakup due to some misunderstanding created by Mother Law of Khirad. After four years of breakup, they met again. Does their love for each other still exist? Read the novel to find what happens with Ashar and Khirad.

Best Urdu Novel Final Thoughts

All bookworms want to spend money on good books. Costly books do not mean that these are good. You don’t need to buy costly books. After doing extensive research to help you I pick the Best Urdu Novels for you. Also, Check out the list of Sad Romance Novels. I have done deep research to find out these novels for our blog users. 

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